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Saturday, September 11, 2004

[CT] System works to give back Officer Daley's gun. Victim's safety not mentioned.

...A Superior Court judge issued a partial protective order Aug. 30, barring Daley from actions such as "threatening, harassing (or) stalking" the alleged victim...

[If a cop was threatening you and you saw the whole system was only worried about returning his gun, what realistic choices do you have but to agree to whatever plan they have for him?]

Officer involved in alleged domestic dispute to return to full duty

Stamford Advocate, CT
By Matt Breslow
September 11, 2004
A policeman arrested last week in an alleged domestic dispute can resume patrolling the streets after a judge yesterday rescinded a partial protective order that prevented him from carrying a firearm. City police Officer George Daley, 42, of 71 Lincoln Ave. Ext., was issued a misdemeanor summons Aug. 29 for disorderly conduct and second-degree threatening. Daley had allegedly threatened to assault his ex-girlfriend during a phone conversation with her that morning. A Superior Court judge issued a partial protective order Aug. 30, barring Daley from actions such as "threatening, harassing (or) stalking" the alleged victim, a 43-year-old Norwalk woman. The Norwalk Police Department placed Daley on restricted duty because anyone served with a protective order in Connecticut must surrender all firearms. A hearing on the protective order was scheduled to take place yesterday at state Superior Court. During Daley's court appearance, Assistant State's Attorney Suzanne Vieux told Judge William Hickey that the court's Family Relations Division recommended rescinding the protective order and the alleged victim was amenable to the action. Hickey agreed to withdraw the order, and Vieux requested a transcript of the proceedings to help Daley retrieve the firearms he had surrendered. "Generally, once an officer is no longer subjected to a restraining order, then that officer is restored to full duty," Police Chief Harry Rilling said in an interview yesterday. Rilling said the department is still reviewing the matter to determine whether Daley should face internal discipline. However, the chief said he feels comfortable returning Daley to full duty after the court rescinded the protective order. "That certainly communicates to us that the officer is fit to return to full duty," Rilling said Daley's case was continued until Oct. 26 and referred to Family Relations, which generally attempts to resolve the issues between parties and can recommend dropping the charges. Other possible recommendations included counseling, a diversionary program such as the Pretrial Family Violence Education program or prosecution.
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