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Thursday, March 23, 2006

US Marshal: Officer Hier's "associates" helped him abscound?

(See first blog on murdered Ludimila, Officer Hiers wife)

United States Marshals Service
U.S. Department of Justice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: March 21, 2006 Tim Stec, Criminal Investigator/Deputy U.S. MarshalPublic Information Officer, (803) 765-5985

U.S. Marshals Offering a Reward of Up to $25,000 for Hiers
The United States Marshals Service is now offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Dan Hiers, Jr. Hiers, who was added to the Marshals’ Top 15 list in June 2005, is the subject of a Dorchester County, SC warrant for Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor and a Goose Creek, SC warrant for murder. The last confirmed sighting of Hiers was the day of Ludimilia Hiers’ murder, March 15, 2005. In announcing the increased reward, United States Marshal Johnny Mack Brown said, “Our investigation has developed information that Hiers received assistance from associates in the days following the murder of his wife.

We are hopeful that increasing the reward will encourage anyone who knows about this contact to come forward. The identity of anyone providing information will be kept confidential.” Anyone with information should call the United States Marshals Service at 803-765-5477 or 1-800-336-0102. More information about Dan Hiers, Jr., including his wanted poster, can be found on the web at http://www.usmarshals.gov/.

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  1. Ex-cop accused of killing wife in custody after 13 years on the run
    Sep. 20, 2018
    SHANGHAI, CHINA (WCSC) - A former Charleston police officer accused of killing his wife has been captured in China after 13 years on the run... Dan Hiers is in custody in Shanghai. Hiers reportedly was living there under the assumed name David Williams... Over the years the marshal’s service received many tips of sightings but none panned out. On Sept. 10, Live 5 News received a Facebook message along with an article about Hiers that was dated on the same day. In the article, a woman said she recognized her former English teacher in China from the U.S. Marshal’s Most Wanted list...


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