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Sunday, February 25, 2007

[TX] Who can the senator's wife call when the SAPD have his back?

Excerpts from various news articles this past week:

...A caller identified only as Yolanda phoned police at 12:45 a.m. Saturday from the couple's home address. Her husband was abusing her, she told the dispatcher. She identified him as a senator, and said he had a gun, according to two police sources who'd read the electronic dispatch report. According to the incident report, Uresti appeared calm when police arrived. He said they'd gone to a party earlier in the evening and had been drinking. The report said he also "stated there was a gun in the home and it was unloaded by him"...

The SAPD dispatcher originally coded the call as a case of family violence with a gun. But the incident ultimately was classified as a disturbance..."

..."Last Friday night, Feb. 16, the police came to my house in response to a 911 call I made claiming that my husband, state Sen. Carlos Uresti, had threatened me. The incident is one I deeply regret. I believe we both do. While many couples have disagreements, this one, we're ashamed to say, got out of hand. We pushed each others buttons, and let anger replace the care we feel, but failed to show, towards one another. We said things we wish we hadn't, and, I'll admit, I called the police out of revenge." ..."Right now, we are renewing our commitment to each other by entering couples counseling and ask for the respect that this is a private matter and to allow us the time to sort out our issues and protect those we love. We ask for the community's prayers and support"... "There is no doubt in my heart that Carlos is working very hard for the State of Texas and to do the right thing for working people."...

...Yolanda Uresti did not return phone calls seeking clarification about the allegations she made early Saturday, none of which were addressed directly in her statement...

... Andy Hernandez, a political scientist at the University of Texas at San Antonio, said that if there's no evidence of abuse, the incident probably would have little or no bearing on Uresti's ballot prospects. "Is she still with him? That's the question that's going to matter"... SAPD spokesman Joe Rios described the incident as "a husband-wife thing... It was a family disturbance"... "There's absolutely no truth to what she said happened," Uresti said. "As with everything, there are always two sides to the story. It's a very complicated matter"...

A police department that would do it for the senator, would surely do this kind of re-write of reality for it's own as well.

of the articles this past week don't even mention the gun at all. What does that tell us? How scary is that? MOST of the news articles say only that Yolanda vengefully called the police because her husband was having an affair. (Like she's a nut.) No mention of a gun. No mention of the changed dispatch report. For that reason I included the word "gun" in the search string of the link above - to only include reports that are discussing the fuller available story.

Yolanda regrets calling the San Antonio Police Department.

It's evident why. She called for help and she got


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