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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[IL] Evelyn wanted a divorce from Chicago Police Officer Mertl

Evelyn Jean Mertl 
August 9 1943 - June 17 1976

Chicago Police Officer Joseph Mertl shot and killed his wife Evelyn, then went to a friend's house to drop off their infant son, saying he was going home to kill himself. His stepson reported seeing Officer Mertl go up a stairway in their home, put the gun to his head, and fire one shot. Evelyn had recently filed for a divorce. The news report I saw (in Jet Magazine) was written while Officer Mertl was still alive, but critically wounded and hospitalized. I did find an obituary image for a "CPD" Joseph Mertl in Chicago, printed July 7th 1976. Date of Evelyn's death: June 17 1976.
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  1. Why are police officers allowed to abuse the their wives and children without being held responsible? Escape from these abusers is almost impossible thus tying the abused-wife and children-to the abuser. Where is the justice for the women and children? Do they have to die or become maimed before the courts listen?

  2. I was a witness to this incident. That was my mom and stepfather. My they both rest in peace. There is information in that jet article that were not release but it didn't have to end this way.

    1. I'm so sorry that it did end this way and what it stole from you. I have very little information but hopefully this will help somene realize the danger that they may be in or stop someone from taking their anger or sadness this far.


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