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Friday, September 28, 2012

[PA] Ex Altoona Police Detective Zahradnik is STILL causing his ex-wife to live in fear

...A former Altoona police detective, is accused of following his ex-wife and the couple's two children for about an hour Tuesday evening with the wife telling police that Zahradnik has kept her in constant fear of "his anger"...


...He was pulled over by police with a large knife and gloves on the passenger seat of his car. Zahradnik was never charged with a crime after a state police investigation and retired after the alleged incident...


The Altoona Mirror
By Greg Bock
September 27, 2012
[Excerpts] An Altoona private investigator is free on bail after his arrest for allegedly stalking his ex-wife. Craig G. Zahradnik, 39, of 504 56th St., a former Altoona police detective, is accused of following his ex-wife and the couple's two children for about an hour Tuesday evening with the wife telling police that Zahradnik has kept her in constant fear of "his anger" according to charges filed by Altoona police... Zahradnik allegedly called Altoona police on his ex-wife at 7:56 p.m. to have officers check on the welfare of the woman and the two children, according to court records. It was immediately apparent after arriving at Zahradnik's ex-wife's home that the call was unfounded, and the woman told officers Zahradnik had followed her and the children for the last hour in his car... he stayed on her tail as she weaved through city and Logan Township streets. The woman called 911 and met with Allegheny Township officers in the Walmart parking lot... Zahradnik's ex-wife, along with her father and the children, returned to her home. As they neared an intersection close to her home at around 8 p.m., Zahradnik was spotted again... Zahradnik was arrested without incident at his home about 4 a.m. Wednesday, Altoona police said. Zahradnik currently operates Zahradnik Investigations in Altoona and retired as an Altoona police corporal after a run-in with police in October 2010. In that alleged incident, one where charges were never filed by state police investigators, Zahradnik's ex-wife claimed in an application for a protection-from-abuse order that he had called her, while drinking, and threatened to kill a male friend of hers before killing himself. When Zahradnik was taken into custody near his ex-wife's home late Oct. 9, 2010, state police noted he had a 14-inch kitchen knife and gloves on the front passenger seat of his car, records show. The records from that alleged incident indicated Zahradnik was taken to a mental health facility after his detainment by police but no charges were ever filed. [LINK]


...Wow! Traveling in his car with a 14 inch kitchen knife and gloves on the passenger seat. This guy really has to be nuts. Too bad he didn't get charged....

...and yet he will get away with it again, he once told her, I have to many connections and you will never date or be with another man, numerous calls to 911 have been made by the family and yet Sgt Gibbons and Chief Freehling will and have covered up for him, yes he will fight the charges and will get off without any punishment  he stalks her, he makes threats all the time and he checks her phones records and texts, he drives by her house daily, his kids have witnessed him beating her, he has taken his service weapon out and put it to her head and threatened to kill her, when does it stop, it seems no one will help her at all, he is above the law and always will be, check his cell phone for calls and texts, very vulgur stuff, but his excuse will be, just checking on my kids. haha it will never end, this is only the beginning, see APD didnt want to fire him, so they gave him the option to retire since he was vested, so he wouldn't have any bad marks on his record. when does it end?...

...He needs some mental health advice, because this dude is going to kill that woman. I don't care what she did or what he did, it's over and they are split, it's time for him to be a man and move on, but still try to be a part of his children's lives without all the drama. This is just another case of men not being men, this generation has no idea how to be manly...

...Again this is sick - He was arrested taken to mental health and yet still allowed to practice as a PI and carry a weapon? Justice needs to be served - put him where he belongs, throw away the key...

...I hope like*****the police actually do something to stop this before anything bad happens. If not for her sake, for the sake of their children...

...Very ironic he's in trouble again for the same thing. I can remember back in 2010 he was kicked off the altoona police force for stalking his wife. They found a knife and ski mask on him I believe. Just shows how they protect their own. Slap on the wrist. He's a sick individual who needs to be punished before it's too late...

...APD's top brass and other ranking officers need to quit worrying about who is "leaking" information out from the department and focus on the problems they have going on in house. The public knows alot about what is going in and they are tired of the cover-ups and hidden incidents involving their officers. This is called "selective enforcement"...

...I was no surprised when i woke to see this article on the front page. when he was a cop for APD I had a inappropriate experience with him that was totally unethical as a police officer to do to a woman, especially while he was married with a new son. I reported it to the APD who put me thru 4 hrs of questioning & a stress test only to " shove it under the rug" The standards of the APD are sadly inappropriate & I also know for a fact he was letting woman go for traffic violations in exchange for sexual favors. his attitude was cocky & his status went to his head. I pray he will never carry a gun again & be disbarred as a police officer/detective "DICK" I was left embarrassed that I TOOK THE step to report his actions only to be told "he did nothing wrong. well, they believed him ,see where he is now! what does that say for him ? I believe his jealousy would have cost his x's new man his life. he wasn't worried about her when he was out running around...


DETECTIVE BEING INVESTIGATED: Order says officer contacted ex-wife and made threats
The Altoona Mirror
By Greg Bock
October 15, 2010
[Excerpts] An Altoona police detective is under investigation by state police after he was allegedly found with a 14-inch knife and gloves on his passenger seat after a series of threatening phone calls to his ex-wife last weekend. The ex-wife of Cpl. Craig Zahradnik made the accusations in her petition for a protection-from-abuse order she received after Saturday's alleged incident... The application for an emergency order, which was granted by a magisterial district judge, shows Zahradnik didn't threaten his ex-wife or their two children, but that Zahradnik called his ex-wife to tell her he was going to kill himself before calling back and threatening to go after a male friend of the woman... As his ex-wife tried to reach her friend, Zahradnik allegedly showed up at her house and pounded on the door. His ex-wife noted she hid until he left and called family members, who called 911. Zahradnik then called his ex-wife's house phone, but the woman said she didn't answer it because she "was afraid if I answered I would set his plan in motion that he may be trying to hurt himself," the PFA application states. She also pointed out Zahradnik has "many guns" at his home, and she was afraid he would hurt himself. Zahradnik was "picked up around 11 p.m." near his ex-wife's home and that he was taken to the Altoona Police Department, court documents state... His ex-wife said Zahradnik "has had a drinking problem for many years, and I do feel that it escalated the situation"... State police are investigating a terroristic threats incident in the city on Oct. 9, but that was all Trooper Jeff Petucci, a spokesman for Troop G, Hollidaysburg, said he could say about the case... Zahradnik was taken to a mental health facility after the incident. No criminal charges had been filed as of Thursday. A call to Altoona Police Chief Janice Freehling concerning the incident, the department's handling of Zahradnik's arrest and his status on the police force was unreturned.... [LINK]

The Altoona Mirror
December 12, 2010
[Excerpts] ...Last month, a protection-from-abuse case against another Altoona police officer, Cpl. Craig Zahradnik, was continued after the officer's lawyer asked for 30 days to work out a settlement between Zahradnik and his ex-wife. Zahradnik is under investigation by state police at Hollidaysburg for terroristic threats. Zahradnik was taken into custody Oct. 9 near his ex-wife's house after police found a knife and gloves on the front seat of his vehicle. He was placed under a temporary PFA for threatening harm to his ex-wife's male friend... It's very difficult for a police force to uphold the law when its own members have trouble obeying it. [LINK]

MEMO MAY SHOW APD INVOLVEMENT IN COVER-UP: Judge’s opinion implies information may have been withheld about fight
The Altoona Mirror
By Phil Ray and Greg Bock
September 14, 2012
[Excerpts] Altoona police memos allegedly indicate that the alleged cover-up of a brawl at Pellegrine's Lounge more than two years ago... One of those memos, according to an opinion issued two weeks ago by Blair County Judge Timothy M. Sullivan, "references the withholding of information by Chief [Janice] Freehling." The memo, written by retired city detective Craig Zahradnik, does not elaborate about what may have been withheld... Zahradnik declined Thursday to provide about the details of the sealed memos to the Mirror. He cited the newspaper's unwillingness to remove negative news stories about him from its website detailing an alleged incident four months after the Pellegrine's fight. Zahradnik's ex-wife accused him in a protection-from-abuse order of making drunken threats against a male friend of hers the night he was pulled over by police with a large knife and gloves on the passenger seat of his car. Zahradnik was never charged with a crime after a state police investigation and retired after the alleged incident. "I'm not talking about anything right now. ... I'm not talking to anybody about anything," he said... [LINK]

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  1. Oh my god, and this man owns a security department?!1?!?!?! AND I WORK FOR HIM!


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