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Saturday, May 25, 2013

[FL] Strangled Miami-Dade Police Officer wants help for her ex deputy husband

Maury Hernandez, a former Broward sheriff's deputy who made headlines after surviving a shot to the head in 2007, will enter a diversionary program instead of going to trial on charges he strangled his wife... Hernandez will enter a pre-trial intervention program at the request of his wife... Investigators noted a bruise and red scratches in the front area of her neck, according to the report. He was charged with one count of felony battery by strangulation...

Sun Sentinel
May 24, 2013
[Excerpts]  Former Broward Sheriff's deputy Maury Hernandez will not go to trial next week on charges he tried to strangle his wife... Instead, State Attorney's Office spokesman Ed Griffith says Hernandez will enter a pre-trial intervention program at the request of his wife, Miami-Dade police officer [REDACTED]... Hernandez maintains his innocence and is not admitting to any of the allegations... As part of the 26-week program, Hernandez must attend parenting classes; undergo screening for mental health issues; and receive treatment for alcohol addiction if needed. If he completes the program, the charges will be dismissed and expunged from his record, [his attorney Nayib] Hassan said. Hernandez was arrested in February after an argument with his wife at their Miami Lakes home. Miami-Dade police said Hernandez put his right hand around his wife's throat, cutting off her breath. The couple have an infant son...  [Full article here]


EX-BROWARD DEPUTY CHARGED WITH TRYING TO STRANGLE WIFE: A former Broward deputy, who was shot in the head in ’07, is accused of trying to strangle his wife.
Miami Herald
Monday, 02.04.13
[Excerpts] Former Broward sheriff’s Deputy Maury Hernandez, who made headlines more than five years ago when he was shot in the head during a traffic stop and made a near-miraculous recovery, appeared in court Monday after being accused of trying to strangle his wife. Miami-Dade police on Sunday charged Hernandez with battery and domestic violence. His wife, [REDACTED]  is a Miami-Dade police officer. The judge allowed him out of jail Monday on $2,500 bond. He must stay away from his wife but he can visit their baby at his parents' house once a week... His mother and father were there [in court] along with his brother, a Hallandale Beach police officer... In January 2012, Hernandez shot a homeless man in Miami Lakes. The man allegedly tried to assault Hernandez’s family at a shopping center... The retired officer fired his registered gun several times at the man, who was wandering the area asking for money, and approached Hernandez, his then-fiancĂ©e and their children. [Full article here]

Sun Sentinel
February 5, 2013
[Excerpts] For the second time since being shot in the head, retired Broward Sheriff's Office deputy Maury Hernandez is in the news for something unrelated to his miraculous recovery. This time, Hernandez, 33, widely considered one of South Florida's most inspiring figures... Sunday's alleged incident, as described in a police report, seems to depict the actions of a short-fused man. And that has some questioning whether it was isolated, or a lingering issue stemming from the fragment of the .45 caliber bullet still lodged inside Hernandez's head. His brother, Hallandale Beach Police Officer Josue Hernandez, told reporters Maury was not a violent man, but experts in traumatic brain injuries say violence often emerges over the years... [Valerie Breen, president of the Brain Injury Association of Florida] said oftentimes family members suffer in silence as their loved one changes physically and emotionally... Hernandez's wife, [REDACTED]  called her own colleagues for help. She told investigators her husband tried to strangle her during an argument... Hernandez allegedly shoved his wife several times as she tried to remove her son from the car seat. Hernandez, still sitting in the driver's seat, allegedly reached over and grabbed her neck with his right hand and she was "not able to breathe," according to the report. [REDACTED] pushed herself away, retrieved her son and drove to her parent's house, where she called police. Investigators noted a bruise and red scratches in the front area of her neck, according to the report. He was charged with one count of felony battery by strangulation... In asking for a reduced bond, Hernandez's attorney, Nayib Hassan, said the former deputy was a decorated hero in the community. He questioned whether Hernandez was physically capable of injuring his wife... [Full article here]
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  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2015

    What a loser like his younger brother, JOSUEEE. Both of these guys should have never received a Police badge. What a couple of mental misfits. They need to improve their hiring standards. They are a reflection of their upbringing.


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