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Monday, September 30, 2013

[IL] Chicago police Officer Richard Rizzo arrested 4 times on domestics

Chicago police Officer Richard Rizzo is still on the payroll

THE WATCHDOGS: Arrested again and again — but still a Chicago cop
Chicago Sun Times:

[Excerpts] Over the past seven years, Chicago police Officer Richard A. Rizzo has been arrested four times by fellow members of his department. The charges included domestic battery, child endangerment and aggravated assault with a gun.

Each time, officers booked Rizzo and took his mugshot. Each time, prosecutors filed criminal charges against him.

And each time, prosecutors ended up dropping the charges against the 15-year police veteran...

Rizzo, 44, is still a member of the department, making $80,724 a year, records show.

But the department says Rizzo was relieved of his police powers on June 13 — six days after the Chicago Sun-Times asked about his status...

Sept. 7, 2005. Rizzo was charged with domestic battery after his live-in girlfriend accused him of pulling her out of his car, dragging her in to their apartment and slamming her against the floor of their bedroom. “Victim had numerous bruises and lacerations about the body,” the police report said.

Five years later, on Dec. 30, 2010, Rizzo was arrested for aggravated assault with a gun and domestic battery after a fight with a 40-year-old man and the man’s 18-year-old son. Both of them lived with Rizzo in a Garfield Ridge bungalow. The arresting officers said Rizzo punched the older man, grabbed the gun, put the muzzle in the man’s eye and told him, “How about I shoot you in the face?”

A month later, on Jan. 31, 2011, Rizzo was arrested again, this time for domestic battery, after officers said he grabbed his girlfriend “by her throat and began to strangle her.” The arresting officers said she broke away and locked herself in a bedroom. They said Rizzo kicked in the door just before they arrived.

The officers “photographed alleged injuries to victim and damage to the bedroom door,” and the incident was referred to the city’s Independent Police Review Authority for investigation...

On Dec. 6, 2011, the police arrested Rizzo for child endangerment, accusing him of leaving his 8-year-old son home alone for two to three hours. When police interviewed Rizzo a week later, they wrote afterward, he “did not inquire as to the well-being of [his son], however asked several times how this incident would impact his job with the Chicago Police Department.”... [Full article here]
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  1. You can put this on the head of the police and the mayor of Chicago it wont go after it's own because that would moe them look bad so the way they do it is hide it away.


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