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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[TN] Knoxville Police Cadet Michael Little stole Travis Wegener's life in quadruple domestic shooting.

Knoxville Police Cadet Michael Little shot and injured his ex-girlfriend Ashley [W.], her mother Rhonda, then shot and killed Ashley's visting friend Travis Wegener. Cadet Little was shot dead with a shotgun by Ashley's older brother Joshua [W.]. Ashley had broken up with Cadet Little a couple of weeks ago after dating him for 2 years. She said his goal in life was to become a police lieutenant.
"The associate pastor at Sharon Baptist Church says Wegener was a beloved church member who was involved in the college and young adult ministries. He says Wegener also volunteered with the children's ministry, and loved to help out in the kitchen."
Cadets aren't issued guns so Little used his own weapon. Ashley and Rhonda will be okay physically.


Knoxville Police Department Cadet Program
[Excerpts] ...The Knoxville Police Department created the Police Cadet Program to enhance the recruitment of potential applicants for Police Officer. Applicants who wish to apply for a Police Cadet position should be between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years of age, pass a drug test, background check, polygraph test, physical examination and a comprehensive psychological examination... Assist sworn Patrol Officers with various assignments... Salary of $20,439 per year... When a Cadet turns twenty-one (21) years of age they will be eligible for employment as a Knoxville Police Officer...
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  1. I cannot say enough for the police escort my nephew, Travis Donald Wegener, had for the Mustang Pony Ride from Click Funeral Home to Sharon Baptist Church. It was so amazing seeing how the Mustang Club took care of Travis's car. I am sure he was so proud of all of his Mustang Family and so amazed what the police escort to the church, at least 4 police cars and 4 motorcycle cops were all involved. Thank you so much for honoring Travis this way. Nancy Wegener Kramer

  2. My brother and I have been trying to exonerate a women we believe to have been murdered along with her 8 y.o. son by her abusive ex-husband. North Port Police have ignored brothers requests to have assumed evidence analyzed, witness'es have been discredited that say husband was heard/seen in the early morning of April 3rd of 2012 arguing with Carol. A gofundme set up by one of the brothers, explains much more of the murder of a Mother and son. Gofundme.com/Exonerate-Carol-Wisdom or friend her facebook remembrance page Carol Lyn Wisdom

    1. I did some reading and seems there are accusations that the police where in cooperation with her husband. Who is he and why would police help him cover up a crime?

  3. I don't know just who her husband is other than his name Michael P Wisdom or what connection he may have with the North Port Police but what ever it is, investigators had not interviewed the women's immediate family and any evidence had not been processed in the matter of forensics.I have recently completed a forensics course, to allow myself the better understanding of just how a crime scene is managed and I can now say with confidence, this crime scene has been mismanaged from the beginning... allowing the ex-husband into the crime scene touching and tainting and removing trace evidence!


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