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Monday, October 17, 2016

[NC] Trooper's wife went to local news to get equal protection at courthouse

"He very much worried me, and even when I reached out for help no one would help."

FACEBOOK PAGE: Justice for Jennifer

Judge: Cleveland Co. magistrate's office policy not consistent with state law
[Excerpts] An On Your Side investigation has uncovered a policy at the Cleveland County magistrate’s office that prohibits spouses and partners of law enforcement officers from getting emergency protection in situations where they feel they are in imminent danger. The discovery was made amid a months-long investigation prompted by a Cleveland County woman [Jennifer Fredell] who says she was denied help by a magistrate because her then-husband [Jesse Saucier] was a state trooper... The law allows a magistrate to issue a protective order to people who present evidence they are a victim of domestic violence when a judge is not available to issue one. But Magistrate Ashlyn Harris refused to issue a protective order against Fredell’s then-husband because he was a state trooper... Article here

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  1. Three North Carolina Highway Patrol troopers have been accused of domestic violence this April. All three of the troopers are reportedly part of the same troop.

    According to Cleveland County deputies, Jesse Lance Saucier was served a 50-B domestic violence protective order this week by the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office.

    Bryan Kirkpatrick, 14-year veteran assigned to the Troop H District 3 Highway Patrol in Monroe, was arrested Sunday and charged with assault on a female. The woman, who lived at the same address as Kirkpatrick, filed a domestic violence protection order against him.

    Kirkpatrick was placed on administrative duty by the Highway Patrol Sunday pending an internal investigation and a criminal investigation by the Union County Sheriff's Department.

    In early April, Trooper Bryan S. Ledbetter, an 8-year veteran, was placed on administrative duty by state Highway Patrol. The leave was the result of an internal and criminal investigation by the Cleveland County Sheriff's office.

    Ledbetter is facing three felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, second degree kidnapping and burglary. Officials haven't released many details about the charges, but Ledbetter's aunt told WBTV the charges stemmed from an alleged domestic dispute.

    Ledbetter is assigned to the Troop H District 9 Motor Carrier Enforcement office in Monroe.



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