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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[CT] Trooper Mark Piccirillo & wife charged with dv

Waterbury Republican American, CT
By Paul Singley, 10/15/2008
[Excerpts] The resident state police trooper in Bethlehem has been suspended after Naugatuck police arrested him in connection with a domestic violence dispute with his wife at the couple's home last week. Trooper Mark Piccirillo, 48, of 24 City Brook Road, was charged by Naugatuck police with misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and breach of peace after the incident, which occurred in the couple's home on Thursday. The trooper's wife, Mary Piccirillo, 49, of the same address, faces the same charges... According to documents on file at Waterbury Superior Court, Piccirillo and his wife posted separate $200 cash bonds at the police department on Thursday night and were arraigned at the courthouse on Friday. Their case was remanded to Family Court Services of Waterbury, and THE PICCIRILLOS HAVE SIGNED COURT-IMPOSED PROTECTIVE ORDERS THAT SAY THEY WILL REFRAIN FROM "IMPOSING ANY PHYSICAL RESTRAINT UPON THE PERSON OR LIBERTY OF THE PROTECTED PERSON" AND FROM "THREATENING, HARASSING, STALKING, ASSAULTING, MOLESTING, SEXUALLY ASSAULTING OR ATTACKING THE PROTECTED PERSON." MARK PICCIRILLO, WHO HAS BEEN A STATE TROOPER IN BETHLEHEM FOR AT LEAST 13 YEARS, WAS ORDERED BY THE COURT TO NOT POSSESS ANY FIREARMS, INCLUDING ALL WEAPONS ISSUED TO HIM BY THE CONNECTICUT STATE POLICE. LT. J. PAUL VANCE, THE STATE POLICE SPOKESMAN, SAID PICCIRILLO'S POLICE POWERS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED AND THAT PICCIRILLO HAS BEEN REASSIGNED TO UNDISCLOSED ADMINISTRATIVE DUTY, WHICH REQUIRES HIM TO HAVE NO CONTACT WITH THE PUBLIC. Vance said state police will conduct an internal affairs investigation of the case. Vance also said another trooper from state police Troop L in Litchfield has been assigned to be the acting resident state trooper in Bethlehem "pending the outcome of this incident." Vance did not immediately know Tuesday which trooper replaced Piccirillo. [Full article here]


  1. He was found INNOCENT. Did you bother to post that? How about the fact that he was attacked by his ex? Guess not. Doesn't fit your propaganda page.
    Don't believe me, check the public record, IT doesn't lie.

  2. I googled his name with "innocent" and didn't find anything. Send something besides your sarcasm.

  3. He is now the public works director for the town of bethlehem. Amazing a wife beating disgraced ex trooper was hired for this position! He was hired by first selectman Jeffrey Hamel. If you want to ask the first selectman of bethlehem hired this man, his home telephone number is 203-266 5945!


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