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Friday, October 31, 2008

MEGAN'S SAY - daughter of slain Livingston Police Officer Caran Coward

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[TX] Officer Caran Coward killed in husband's murder-suicide

This blog gets a lot of comments. Officer Caran Coward's daughter Megan sent a comment after tiring of others commenting about the goodness of her mother's killer. I asked her if she'd like me to post this as a separate entry. She said yes.
Megan's mother was stolen, and she has a right to have her say.

To any one who claims Randy was a man of God listen. I had to live with this "man of God" you think he is. You only saw what he wanted you to see. Unless you live with some one you can't possibly know what they're really like. At home he was a drunk, he mentally abused all of us, and some times physically hurt my mother. Yes, he had mental problems, but my mother made sure he had the medication needed. It was his choice to take it with alcohol. T.J you have no idea what was going on in that house. You only saw the side of Randy he wanted you to see. He did get treatment for his "clinical depression". And just so you know the person's comment you replied to does know what they're talking about and has every right to judge.

Megan Corley
Caran's daughter

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