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Thursday, October 2, 2008

[LA] Officer Harvey charged for suspicious injuries on 5 year old

Police officer accused of abusing 5-year-old Shreveport Times, LA
Oct. 2, 2008

Injuries to a 5-year-old have led to a Shreveport police officer turning himself in on a warrant charging him with one count of domestic abuse battery.

Cpl. Michael Harvey was identified as a suspect Sept. 17, a day after an educator complained about suspicious injuries to the child, Police Chief Henry Whitehorn Jr. said.

Details about the injuries to the child and the child's relationship to Harvey were not immediately available.

Harvey was placed on administrative leave and a warrant for his arrest, with bond set at $10,000, was signed Oct. 1 after the Caddo district attorney's office reviewed an initial investigation.

Harvey, a 13-year veteran of the Shreveport Police Department, will remain on leave pending an internal investigation, Whitehorn said.

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  1. And this officer is still on the police dept. He abused his own child for many years and got away with it. Now he is abusing other children and gets away with it. Have you this officer is know for running with biker gangs and has outlaw tattooed and sons of anarchy on his back and other biker gang affiliate tattoos. This officer is now a Sgt. On the same police dept. This is outrageous How we alow biased and racist and crooked cops serve and protect in our community.. they must be stopped and we as people should take a stand against these corrupt police officers. Now after Michael Brown has been killed by police and other abusing incodents of abuse is taking place in america. Maybe we can get rid of these corrupt police.


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