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Sunday, October 19, 2008

[OR] Deputy Lovik charged with assault and harassment

I'm watching this one to see what the details are.


Democrat Herald
October 18, 2008
John Lovik, a Linn County sheriff’s deputy since 1988, has been charged with assault 4 and harassment, Sheriff Tim Mueller announced Friday. Lovik, 42, of Sweet Home, had been on paid administrative leave while the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and a special prosecutor investigated the case. On Thursday a Linn County grand jury returned an indictment, and Friday morning Lovik went to the sheriff’s office, where he was booked and released. Mueller said the charges stemmed from an incident at at party in Sweet Home last month. He had not yet seen the reports from Benton County but said Lovik hit another man, older than he, after both of them, drunk, fell or walked off the deck at a mobile home. The harassment charge is based on an allegation that Lovik put his arm around a woman at the party and tried to kiss her, according to the sheriff. Mueller said Lovik joined the sheriff’s office in August 1988 as a correctional officer when the county jail opened. Later he served a tour as a detectibe and then became a resident deputy covering east Linn County. Independent of the court case, Mueller said the office will now complete an internal investigation. Mueller was saddened by the case. He has known Lovik as a “really good and loyal guy” and said he deeply regretted the turn of events. [Article here]


  1. How dare you assume this man to be guilty!

    Officer Lovik is a good man, and you are slandering his name useing half fast info.

    before he is labeled this maybe you should wait for a verdict before trashing his name all over your site. read that artical on the web and the comments below it.

    Now i am all for this website, i think it is a good thing, but only when the people whom you exspose are actualy guilty and not just accused.

  2. i know Senior Deputy Lovik personally.
    he is a great man and has done great things in his community.

  3. I am astounded by the way you have dragged this mans name through the mudd. Officer lovik has devoted his life and his family to the protection and safety of the people of lynn county. His qualifications and trainings should prove just a hint on the man that he is.


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