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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[IN] On-duty Detective Housman shot self in front of girlfriend after being disciplined for battering her

...Housman was at the home to confront his girlfriend about inquiries by Noblesville police following her earlier claim to Westfield police that Housman battered her...

Chris Proffitt
Posted: Oct 3, 2008
[Excerpts] A Noblesville police officer is dead after being accused of assaulting his former girlfriend, and a police department is in mourning. Ten-year Noblesville police detective Aaron Housman had just been disciplined on Thursday by his department for battering his girlfriend in August, a Noblesville police dispatcher. He was about to be transferred from the Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force to a patrol officer. Hours later, he shot and killed himself outside a Henry County home in front of his former girlfriend. "It was his personal weapon. However, it was the weapon he was authorized to carry on duty," said Captain Kim Cronk, Henry Co. Sheriff's Dept. Noblesville police began an internal investigation following the detective's former girlfriend's claim that he assaulted her at his Westfield home. Prosecutors didn't charge Housman. "He apologized to me and told me he'd made bad decisions and this relationship has paid a toll on him," said Chief Richard Russell, Noblesville Police. Housman drove to a rural Henry County home where his former girlfriend was staying with a relative. Investigators say he spoke with the woman in the driveway, audio taping the conversation, drew out his gun and shot himself... [Full article here]

James A. Gillaspy
Oct 3, 2008
[Excerpts] ...Detective Aaron Housman, 35, Westfield, was found dead outside a home in Henry County where his girlfriend had been staying. He’d gone there after learning he would be written up for violating department rules and be removed from duty with the Hamilton/Boone County Drug Task Force. “I had talked to him yesterday,” Noblesville Police Chief Dick Russell said today of Housman, an employee for about 10 years. “I told him I would be putting those violations in writing and then I would be temporarily transferring him back to the patrol division effective next Monday.” Hours later, he was dead... Housman’s girlfriend had been living at the home following an altercation the two had in Westfield. “We found the body of the detective lying in the driveway of the residence with a gunshot wound to the head,” said Cronk. “It was self-inflicted”... Housman was at the home to confront his girlfriend about inquiries by Noblesville police following her earlier claim to Westfield police that Housman battered her... Russell said the couple’s argument in Westfield had turned physical, and Westfield’s criminal investigation sparked Russell’s internal inquiry. “It was presented to the prosecutor’s office. It was a he-said/she-said situation, and they declined to prosecute,” said the chief, who then met with Housman to ask about the allegations and to determine if any department rules had been broken. Housman acknowledged two violations of department rules, however: his failure to report the domestic clash and his unauthorized use of his police car in Henry County. Before his shift ended Thursday, Housman again violated the policy that prohibits officers from driving their cars into counties that do not adjoin Hamilton County... Housman had arrived there in his undercover police car... [Full article here]


  1. He was a sniper for the police dept.

  2. And the relevance of his sniper position would be what? Aaron was a good man--as a former prosecutor who has a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence I can state without hesitation that he was unjustly accused and should be considered lost in the line of duty. He was attempting to salvage his own reputation with an undercover wire when he gave up. The world is not the same without him.

  3. He was not being disciplined for "battering her" and it is a shame that the media has twisted the truth to make a story that will get more interest.
    I was very close to this officer for many years and here's the scoop. These were false charges to get revenge at him for their break up. Witnesses seen her get the bruises in a volleyball game. The charges were dropped and had major inconsistencies. He wanted to get her confession of filing false charges recorded and when she still wouldn't be honest, things spiraled down hill. He got kicked when he was already down, this wasn't like him at all, he was carrying a lot and nothing in his life was staying the same. -Someone who knows.

  4. I knew Aaron for several years before he met his ex and I came to know her too. Aaron was in deed a good man; however, after the slow death of his mother, things did "spiral downhill," as "Someone who knows" said. Also as "Someone who knows" said, "this wasn't like him at all" and it wasn't; however, Aaron did commit suicide, which many will say "wasn't like him at all" either, but he did it. Aaron was a changed man after his mother died and many things he did were "not like him," so I don't understand why so many question that he did hurt his ex. The claim was not false and only few people have seen the pictures. Yes, she had one bruise from volleyball, but the rest were from him. She is the one that had moved on from the relationship, he was following her and obviously hadn't moved on(again, not like him at all, but that's the point, he just wasn't himself once his mother died). Thoughts and prayers to her and both his family and hers. ~Someone who knows both sides of the story.

  5. What we never hear anyone talking about are the scratches and places that he had from where she tore into him like a wild cat after she wouldn't leave his home. There are pictures of that, too.

    The charges were absolutely false and that is why they were dropped.

    If he had been the abusive boyfriend he was made out to be, then he would have taken her out first.

    There are plenty of opinions but there are more than enough witnesses and facts that make it obvious that even though Aaron isn't here to tell us himself, he isn't what the media has made him out to be, as the Police Chief has said.

    This girl has a tendency to press charges anytime she doesn't get her way, this isn't the first time and probably won't be the last.

  6. People who knew and even worked with both of them know she has lied about it and is too deep to her story to back out.

  7. There seem to be lots of people who "know" Aaron, but he was indeed stalking the girlfriend who also had a protective order against him which he violated. She saw his vehicle following her on that day which indicates he was tracking her whereabouts. It hasn't been noted anywhere that he lived and worked ONE HOUR away from where the girlfriend lived and where the horrific incident occurred. As for the reason he was recording the final conversation, it wasn't an "undercover wire" as the so-called former prosecutor said in the first comment. Why would his department authorize a wire when he was being disciplined? Doesn't make sense. He was wearing the wire because he was heartbroken at losing someone he couldn't get back because she wanted no part of a relationship with him. Sometimes people just can't deal with the end of a relationship, especially after losing his mother. I loved Aaron like a brother but I won't allow person feelings to get in the way of the facts no matter how much they hurt and I surely can't be the only one. This girl and her family is hurting from the accusations that just are not true. He knew in advance what he was planning, hence hiding the gun on his person, premeditating the encounter (remember he went an hour out of his way to find her that day, it was NO coincidence). He recorded the encounter so that no one could claim the GF had anything to do with his death and that it was by his own hand. Aaron HIMSELF didn't want her to come to any harm or suspicion!!! As to witnesses, they all said the same thing, which backed the girlfriend's statement. Look at the facts, however sad they may be. I miss Aaron but I know he wasn't the "Aaron" we all came to know and love near the end of his life. His career in the military, law enforcement, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (which was documented), and the recent loss of his mother all changed him and destroyed his will to live. It's sad that the breakup probably pushed him over the edge, but it was only a contributing factor to him making this sad decision on his own. His department refused to treat him even after the GF reported that she was worried about his emotional state well before the incident. As someone else said, if he really felt she lied and ruined his career he would have killed her too. Thank God he didn't and chose to died with the honor with which he lived. Let his memory remain an honorable one. See you on the other side friend.

  8. Anonymous, I'm afraid you don't have all the facts either. The truth is that Aaron did care about his ex, but was no longer willing to cower to her threats and bad behavior. He was passionate about his own integrity and his work on the Task Force, and never imagined that her lies would overcome thre truth about who he was. His ex was truly pathological--every time Aaron tried to end the relationship with her, he was met with threats, lies and recrimination from her. She claimed to have cancer when his mother was diagnosed with cancer in order to guilt him back into a relationship, falsely accused him of battery on prior occasions (having previously done this with the father of her children as well), and finally threatened his job and professional reputation as a means of exercising dominion over him. When he refused to let her continue her toxic control over him, she followed through with her efforts to destroy the last meaningful thing to him--his career. Anyone who saw them together couldn't fail to notice her extreme jealousy and controlling nature. His suicide was the result of her intentional efforts to destroy him when she realised that he was no longer willing to continue in her emotional poisonous games.

    You are right, Aaron was not the same in the last weeks. Like any of us if we were decimated by someone we cared about, and having recently lost a family member, he had a breaking point. He took his own life, but his ex will be eternally responsible for her lies. I pray Aaron is at peace, and I know that those responsible will see justice in the end.

  9. As a followup, he couldn't have been following his ex earlier that day, as he was on duty all day, followed by a meeting with the chief. This is a classic example of his ex-girlfriend's lies in an attempt to smear Aaron. As she told him when ge finally ended the relationship (he ended it and was happy to move on) "I'm going to have your job, you can't do this to me". She then attacked him physically, during which he would have been justified in using force, but instead he let her hit him, and the finally was forced to carry her kicking and scratching to the door of his house and remove her from his home. Let's not forget she attacked him, in his home, not the other way around. Shame on any of you who have remained silent while Aaron's family has suffered, allowing her to lie rather than calling her out and getting justice for Aaron and his family.

  10. The scratches were likely defensive wounds. Let him go. If he didn't want her blamed and hurt in this, why do other people? She's been through enough, including his last moments that will never be forgotten.

  11. Eric Aaron's Older Brother- I am not ashamed and not hiding behind an anonymous tag. Aaron was a lot of things, but violent he was not. Aaron would not lie. I have looked him in the eyes and he told me the story of what happend. For those of worried about how someone who destroys someone with lies and threats that she would have his job...Things we saw and warned him about many times. Things my kids saw- Dad we don't like her she is mean to us and won't talk to us. She treated Abbey (our Dog) bad. I respected Aarons choice in a girlfriend, but never liked it. I chose the high road in treating her nice and trying to be friendly. Having intergrity and accepting that I couldn't change who Aaron dated or posibly married. I can tell you that there are many lies from her side. Can I say 100% Aaron was innocent in this- No he devistated my wife, kids and da. Yes he did me too. Have you ever looked your dad in the eyes and tell him 2 months after his wife has passed and my mom now we have to deal with Aaron's death at his own hand. T you pulled that trigger emotionally...You know what was said and wjat you did. I know what happend at the house that day and how you addimtted to him not doing the DV to you. I know how you showed up the weekend of moms death- she passed 7/28/08 while I was on my way to see her. I offered to come over 7/27/08 to help dad, but he said he didn't want to see anyone he needed to rest because he had to entertain you (T) and your kids and was wiped out...You have taken two things from me- my last visit with my mom and my brother whom my children and wife lodved so much. Please show the courage you have pretented to show and playing the DV card and for once be honest. You are damaging others who have truly be DV victims. How sad. You tried to manipulate me into letting you come to the funeral and view by claiming to have something of my moms. When I asked you to leave it at dispatch it never showed. Just so you know I forgive your hate and your lies...I pray for you and hope you come to a place where you see the help you need. I forgive, but will never forget and will no longer stand by and let people trash my brother from this site and the news media outlets that got it so wrong and when they were told the ruth, they stated we have an inside source who claims this so we are running with it. It is much more exciting to hear the twisted info and sensationalize it than the truth...Aaron was murdered by a vindictive hateful person who emotionally pulled the trigger. Aaron you hurt us bad...we love and miss you so much. Be safe Brother...I'll take it from here...

  12. Eric Aaron's Older Brother- Yes he chose to be with her....fatal mistake... until he broke it off the night of the alleged DV...
    Dad asked him about it one day and he said my mind screams run and my heart won't let me. I miss him more than I can ever say; especially at Christmas and how he played with the kids... I just hate the lies that have been told and the victim card that she played to get something over him. Those who have actually been abused- i am sorry for what you have gone through, but have little sympathy for those who pretend. she played this card multiple times and with different people. So sad to live life that way....

  13. No one knows Aaron's mind in full but Aaron.

    I do know as his friend he repeatedly tried to break it off with her, only returning when she claimed to need him because she had cancer, or other drama. He repeatedly stated how he tired he was of her lies, the drama, etc. And after her false charges were filed, he didn't have anything positive to say about her, though he wasn't the sort of person to wish her ill as such. I think he struggled to understand how someone he had cared about in the past could have been so dishonest and vindictive. I think he wanted to believe she really wasn't as bad as she turned out to be. Like anyone who has cared about someone who turned out to be completely different than who they pretended to be--there's a difficultly in processing the fact that the person you thought you were with doesn't exist, and the person they really are is too dreadful to imagine.

  14. Ironically, it was Aaron who was really the DV victim--not so much of physical abuse (though I do know that happened with her too), but emotional abuse. His actions were typical of someone in an abusive relationship--he gave excuses for her bad behavior, tried to rationalise it, tried to pretend it would get better. Aaron didn't want to face who his girlfriend was...just like a DV victim. I think in the end he realized exactly who she was, and it crushed him to know he had cared about someone so devoid of any character or integrity.

    Aaron--those who know you know you weren't perfect, as none of us are. But we also know you weren't violent, you didn't hurt her, and we will always be vigilent in making sure your name is above reproach. You are loved, and always will be.

  15. No matter who the survivors blame, he made a choice. He had several to choose from.

  16. Eric Aaron's Brother- It is so easy for you to hide behind an anonymous tag. You can spew the hate and harm, but never have to have the courage to stand up for sad. I as his only brother and one of the survivors do blame Aaron for pulling the trigger. The final act was his own. He did it for 100 reasons and none that makes sense to us. The fact is the gf who falsely claimed DV carries her own blame and again it is someone standing untouchable behind a vail or getting engaged a couple months later.... While I have to carry on every day knowing he is gone. Hearing my dad's pain and looking my family in the eyes seeing their pain. Aaron is responsible and as I forgave her of the hate she showed and inficted on Aaron and my family, I choose to forgive him. I will no longer roll over and allow his name to be drawn through the mud. The media was wrong on the way they charaterized Aaron's discipline- He wasn't disciplined...The city wanted officers moved back to the street to fill openings from these special areas and that is why he was moved. The WPD knew it was a false event. The Prosc. Office knows and so does the NPD. He did brake one rule and that was accurate- he left the county in his undercover vehicle and was going to get time off for that and he should have. See what people don't know is that you only have to alledge DV against an officer and that follows him/her through their entire career. Every court case they have to explain what happend and then their credibilty is tarnish; even if innocent. See how easy it is. She knew that and did that.
    The only people you hurt by posting false staements here is my family and those who were actually DV'd. You must have a sad exsitance to do that. is easy...walk in my shoe and see how it hurts, but I am strong and will survive and move on and help others while you look in the mirror and wonder who you really are.

  17. For someone whose job was to see justice served, for someone wanting to clear their name and bring the whole truth to light, an hour drive to do so isn't far at all. We all have a breaking point, a place of no return. People can be pushed too far and if we are the ones pushing, finding their weak spot and kicking them when they're down, then we have to take responsibility. The world is full of people making excuses for their behavior or finding someone else to blame. History, records and character (or lack of) is proof to many what really happened.

  18. Happy Birthday Bro! I miss you more than words can say. Two years ago we buried mom and almost two years ago it will be your day. Rest well my brother- I'll take it from here..... Eric Aaron's older brother....


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