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Monday, October 27, 2008

[NY] Firefighter Faulkner's attorney wife Jodi Mosiello suing him, his friend, & police

...The lawsuit alleges that Faulkner, her husband at the time, conspired with John Darcy to tell Police Officer Charles Carroll that Mosiello struck him. The lawsuit also claims that it was Faulkner who verbally abused and pushed her, prompting her call to police... Mosiello's lawsuit also accuses the Yonkers police of negligence...

Lower Hudson Journal news, NY
By Ernie Garcia
October 22, 2008
[Excerpts] A former City Council candidate is suing the city and her ex-husband, charging they ruined her reputation after her arrest during a domestic dispute. Jodi Mosiello, also known as Jodi Faulkner, ran unsuccessfully last year on the Democratic line against Councilman John Murtagh... On Sept. 24, Mosiello filed her lawsuit in the state Supreme Court against the city; her ex-husband, Paul Faulkner; and his friend John Darcy. She seeks unspecified monetary damages for malicious prosecution stemming from a Sept. 28, 2007, arrest at her home, where she was arguing with her then-husband. Mosiello, 36, an attorney, was arrested on a charge of second-degree harassment, a misdemeanor. The charge against her was dismissed less than a month later by a City Court judge. "The plaintiff has been caused to suffer severe embarrassment in the community where she lives and where her family lives, severe emotional distress as a result of the arrest and charges and being required to defend said charges in a public forum, that the plaintiff's standing in the community has been altered by publicity concerning said charges," Mosiello's claims in her lawsuit... Last year's harassment charge and the resulting court case forced Mosiello to curtail her campaign and miss a debate against Murtagh just a month before Election Day. The lawsuit alleges that Faulkner, her husband at the time, conspired with John Darcy to tell Police Officer Charles Carroll that Mosiello struck him. The lawsuit also claims that it was Faulkner who verbally abused and pushed her, prompting her call to police. Faulkner, a Yonkers firefighter, did not return a call seeking a response to Mosiello's allegations. Darcy could not be reached for comment. Mosiello's lawsuit also accuses the Yonkers police of negligence. "The aforesaid arrest of the plaintiff by the police officer Charles Carroll was based upon the false and unbelievable allegations made by defendant Paul Faulkner with insufficient inquiry by officers of the city of Yonkers Police Department into such false allegations and without probable cause or provocation," the lawsuit says... [Full article here]

Article from last year:


The Journal News, (Westchester County, NY)
Len Maniace and Rebecca Baker
October 2, 2007
Jodi Mosiello , the Democratic candidate in the Yonkers City Council's 5th District, was in City Court yesterday facing a harassment charge based on a complaint filed by her husband. Yonkers City Court Judge Michael Martinelli set a nonjury trial for Thursday on the charge of second-degree harassment, a misdemeanor. Mark Garretto, an assistant Westchester County district attorney, asked Martinelli to dismiss the case against Mosiello , but Martinelli reserved a decision on that request. The charge against Mosiello , 34, follows statements by her husband to police that she had pushed him and scratched his neck, Yonkers police Lt. Diane Hessler said yesterday. Police were called to the family home at 4 Bradford Place in Yonkers at 5:20 p.m. Friday. In court yesterday, Mosiello 's attorney, Nicholas Maselli, called for a special prosecutor in the case, saying the District Attorney's Office would face a conflict of interest because Mosiello also had filed charges against her husband, Yonkers firefighter Paul Faulkner. It was unclear whether the complaint to which Maselli referred involved the same incident or a different incident. "My client is the victim," Maselli told the court. He later described the charges as "phony allegations" and added, "It's a he-said, she-said case. We need to get this resolved as soon as possible." Martinelli denied the motion for a special prosecutor. Mosiello , who was charged under her married name, Faulkner, was held by police overnight until her arraignment Saturday at Yonkers City Court. Hessler said the overnight stay was mandatory procedure for domestic complaints. A first-time candidate and a lawyer in private practice, Mosiello recently lost the Republican primary in the 5th District to incumbent Councilman John Murtagh, whom she faces again in the November general election. She is a cousin of former Assemblyman Louis Mosiello . Asked later how the harassment charge might affect her candidacy, Mosiello said that seeing her two children, ages 3 and 6, was her first priority. "I'm not even thinking that far ahead," she said.


  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2009

    Freakin crazy lady!

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    Poor judgment and trusting the wrong people does not make one crazy.

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    But it WILL make everyone think you are crazy and will ruin your reputation and take away everything that is important to you. Sad. Really sorry to hear all this. and ...what comes around goes around.


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