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Friday, April 11, 2003

Memo: "Concerned Officers" to Tacoma Police Internal Affairs

To: TPD Internal Affairs
From: Concerned Officers

Dear Internal Affairs, specifically Lt Bob Sheehan. Many of us patrol Officers are extremely disturbed, offended, but not surprised by the allegations brought against Chief David Brame and Asst Chief Catherine Woodward today, 4/11/03. Chief Brame's wife called 911 to report' that they "used their badges and police power in a inappropriate/non police related manner to gain access into the PRIVATE Canterwood Golf Course and housing property." In her complaint Chief Brame's wife states that Chief Brame has "threatened to kill her" and that she is also "fearful of Asst Chief Woodard." Chief Brame's wife stated, in the call which was there for all to read in the CAD' readout, that she had gone to Canterwood to "hide and stay at a friend's" out "fear for her safety". We would all be very interested to find out if Chief Brame and Asst Chief Woodard used their badges to gain access into the private community for personal reasons.

We, as officers, demand that Chief Brame be investigated with the exact same fervor, lust, enthusiasm and diligence that you have shown when investigating patrol officers. We demand that if you are not able to do this in an unbiased fashion, which we all know you won't be able to, that you turn over the investigation to a law enforcement agency that will be UN-BIASED in their investigation. Rest assured we are not fans of Chief Brame, and we will do everything to see that this incident is broadcast on the news and put into the papers. We will also be advising these news agencies that you will be attempting to cover this story up, which we, who have lost faith in this departments inept administration, know will happen.

For once it would be nice to see the administrators "Practice what they preach" and maybe try to live up to the standards set down in the glorious letter we all received from Chief Brame.


Concerned Officers of TPD

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