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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

[MD] Officer Frendlick's wife: "I'll try to love you more."

Wife Pleaded in Vain With Arundel Officer Boyfriend, Husband in Murder-Suicide
Washington Post
Darragh Johnson
November 4, 2003

Lisa Frendlich said she pleaded with her estranged husband as he sat on the family-room couch with a .40-caliber, police-issued pistol pressed to his head. On the floor nearby, her boyfriend lay dead, shot several times by David K. Frendlich, 35, an Anne Arundel County police officer. Her two young sons stood outside, one still in his Halloween costume, waiting nervously after witnessing the shooting. "You've got two great kids who love you and need you," she told her husband, crying hysterically. "I'll try to love you more." But "he just shot himself," Lisa Frendlich remembered yesterday in her first interview since the incident Friday night. Police called the shooting a "murder-suicide as a result of an ongoing domestic dispute," sterile words to describe the "slow-motion" minutes on Halloween when Lisa Frendlich lost the father of her children, and the man she loved. Her boyfriend, Ronald L. Boliek, 35, was pronounced dead at her Millersville house. David Frendlich's body was taken to North Arundel Hospital, where he was pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Although they were emotionally estranged, Lisa Frendlich, 34, had moved back to their Millersville house because "it was really hard working out custody of the boys," ages 5 and 6, and paying for two households, she said... The police officer used to park his cruiser in front of Ron Boliek's house and once sneaked into Ron Boliek's bedroom and took a picture of himself to show Boliek he could get into his house, Richard Boliek said. Richard Boliek said his brother had complained to Anne Arundel County police, but a police source said that there was no internal affairs report about Frendlich's behavior and that police had never gone to Frendlich's home or Boliek's house because of a disturbance. "This guy was a loose cannon," an angry Richard Boliek said yesterday, on his way to make funeral arrangements for his brother. "He was a time bomb ticking and ready to go off. And two families are devastated now." Frendlich's boss, Sgt. Bret Ballam, said that David Frendlich had been late to work a few times last week but that otherwise, Frendlich was "very professional" and "meticulous. Everyone knew he had had some problems," Ballam said. "But it was a personal matter for him...."

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