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Monday, November 10, 2003

"City of Tacoma Needs to Stop Pointing Fingers" - KOMO Ken Schram Commentary

...How do you defend the undefendable?...

City of Tacoma Needs to Stop Pointing Fingers
November 10, 2003
By Ken Schram

SEATTLE - Any port in a storm.

I imagine that's what the hair-brains who run the City of Tacoma are thinking these days.

That'd be the very same City of Tacoma that says it bears zero responsibility for its police chief killing his wife.

Yes, Tacoma.

The same city that is pointing its bureaucratic finger at the Seattle P.I. newspaper, and says it was published news stories that murdered Crystal Brame.

The very same city that says it's actually Gig Harbor Police that are really at fault.

Mind you, Tacoma is the same city that promoted an alleged rapist to be police chief.

And it's the same city that ignored reports of domestic violence in the chief's marriage.


That would be the city that allowed its police chief to nurture a culture of deception and cronyism in the police department.

The very same Tacoma that allowed its city manager to wiggle out from under insurance fraud, which would be the same city manager that effectively gave David Brame the gun that killed his wife.

How do you defend the undefendable? Well, if you're one of the hair-brains that runs the City of Tacoma, you blame everyone but yourself.

You try to hide behind pointing at others.

Yep. Any port in a storm.

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