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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

[MI] I-SPY Trooper Tuer. Has assaulting women (or has shooting a Black man in the back) made him a better cop?


I recently noticed that Trooper Tuer is back on the roads here:


Detroit Free Press (MI)
January 5, 2005
Boy, 14, killed as he walked across I-96 A 14-year-old boy was struck and killed Tuesday as he and another youth tried to walk across a Detroit freeway, Michigan State Police said. The accident occurred at 6:11 p.m. as the boys walked north across the local and express lanes of westbound I-96 near Schoolcraft, Trooper Craig Tuer said...

Is this the kind of self-training to be a better law enforcement officer the kind of training that the Michigan State Patrol ACCEPTS? Who's in charge? THAT's who is responsible!:

Man shot by police faces term

Saginaw News (MI) -
October 1, 1999
...A 20-year-old Saginaw man faces sentencing stemming from a June 1997 incident in which a police officer shot him after pulling him over because his muffler was loud and he wasn't wearing a seat belt... Investigators said [Larry L.] Polk struggled with [Trooper Craig] Tuer for control of his weapon. Polk previously said the trooper shot him in the back as he tried to flee. The shooting created community support for Polk, despite Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas' ruling that the shooting was justified... The 30-year-old Tuer, a five-year veteran of the Bridgeport Post, has said he attempted to stop Polk's car because the occupants were not wearing seat belts and it sounded as though the auto didn't have a muffler.

City man accuses troopers of conspiracy, torture

Saginaw News (MI)
June 28, 2000
A Saginaw man is alleging in a federal lawsuit that state police troopers conspired against him and tortured him by sticking their fingers in his bullet wounds. Larry L. Polk Jr., 21, claims Troopers Craig Tuer and Patrick L. Sharkey concocted a cover-up plot after Tuer shot him... The troopers felt his wounds so they could provide investigators with matching stories, Polk says in the suit... Polk, Sharkey and Tuer were unavailable for comment... Tuer and Sharkey rolled Polk from his stomach to his side and back to his stomach, the suit says. The troopers then "moved (Polk's) clothing and located and probed (Polk's) wounds with their fingers," the suit claims. The troopers were trying to determine the path of the bullet or bullets "to choreograph a false, yet plausible excuse for the use of deadly force," the suit contends. Sharkey, a former emergency medical technician, testified at a 1997 court hearing that he rolled Polk over to check his wounds and determine the path of the bullet. Sharkey said he saw a small hole in POLK'S LOWER *BACK* and felt a marble-size bulge on his right side.

Trooper faces charges

Saginaw News (MI)
February 12, 2004
A state trooper from the Bridgeport Post faces charges that he slapped a woman outside a Saginaw bar. Saginaw County prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Craig J. Tuer of Vassar, charging him with disturbing the peace and assault and battery Jan. 23 outside White's Bar, 2609 State. A woman at the bar said Tuer slapped her around 2:30 a.m. Police have said they did not know how Tuer knew the woman or what triggered the altercation... In 1997, TUER SHOT AN 18-YEAR-OLD BLACK SAGINAW MAN IN THE *HIP* during a struggle after a traffic stop. The incident touched off protests from black leaders, but Prosecutor Michael D. Thomas ruled that the shooting was in self-defense and did not charge Tuer in the incident.

Bar spat trial starts
Saginaw News (MI)
April 22, 2004
Shortly after arriving at White's Bar in January, off-duty State Police Trooper Craig J. Tuer had a physical altercation with his girlfriend, a prosecutor says. When an employee asked him to leave, Tuer refused, even after she threatened to call police, Assistant Prosecutor Andy Coulouris told a jury of three men and four women... "Tuer took a fist to (bar employee) Craig Young," Coulouris said during his opening statement. At that point, a melee erupted inside, he said. When Tuer finally left the establishment, 2609 State, HE ASSAULTED JESSICA RANGEL, ALSO AN EMPLOYEE, IN FRONT OF SAGINAW POLICE OFFICER MATT GEROW, Coulouris said. Prosecutors have charged Tuer, 35, of Vassar with disturbing the peace or in the alternative assault and battery against Young, and a separate count of assault and battery of Rangel... He and his girlfriend, Sonia Gouine, and some of their friends arrived at the bar after attending a Kid Rock concert, Coulouris said. After the altercation with Gouine, Tuer threw Young against a wall inside the small bar, he said. "At that point, everything went wild," Coulouris said. A few seconds later, someone removed Tuer from the bar, he said. While outside, Tuer saw Gerow and talked to him. Rangel then approached and said something to Tuer that made him angry, Coulouris told the jury. "IN FRONT OF AN ON-DUTY POLICE OFFICER, HE REACHED ACROSS THE CAR AND SLAPPED JESSICA," THE PROSECUTOR SAID. " TUER STRUCK HER AGAIN WHILE SHE WAS ON THE HOOD OF THE PATROL CAR"...

State trooper faces jail
Saginaw News (MI)
April 24, 2004
A jury has found a state police trooper guilty of assaulting a bar employee when a night of revelry turned raucous. State Police Trooper Craig J. Tuer faces up to 93 days in jail for assault and battery when he is sentenced before Saginaw County District Judge Darnell Jackson. A sentencing date is not set... "He reminded (the employee) who he was," [Prosecutor Andy] Coulouris said. "It's futile to call the cops because 'I'm a cop'"... In the lot, Saginaw Police Officer Matt Gerow pulled up in his squad car, and Tuer said he briefly talked to him. Tuer said he then struck Rangel with a police-taught self-defense move when she approached him and his girlfriend in a threatening manner. Gerow, however, testified Rangel was not physically threatening Tuer when he struck her twice...

Suspended officer found guilty
Saginaw News (MI)
June 4, 2004
A judge has sentenced suspended State Police Trooper Craig J. Tuer to two months of house arrest for assaulting a bar employee at a West Side Saginaw bar in January. Saginaw County District Judge Darnell Jackson today ordered Tuer, 35, to serve six months of probation, with the first two months on electronic monitoring, for assault and battery. A six-member jury deliberated about 90 minutes before convicting Tuer . Jurors found Tuer, who is assigned to the Bridgeport Post, innocent of another count of disturbing the peace, or in the alternative assault and battery, against a second employee, Craig Young. "I'm sorry the incident took place," said Tuer, dressed in a navy blue double-breasted suit. "I have remorse." Tuer said he will become a better police officer because of his experience on the other side of the law. Jackson also ordered Tuer to pay $540 in fees and fines and $25 in restitution and to attend anger management counseling... Tuer will remain under unpaid suspension until state police administrators conclude an internal investigation and determine what sanctions he should receive...


  1. To anonymous, you sent nothing to back up what you wrote about you know who - and so I can't post that. If it was in the paper I'd print it - or at least let you put it in the comments section.

    Also, you said, "I did notice articles about him getting a life saving award. Will you post that?..."

    You can post that here.

    A cop is SUPPOSED to be good.
    That's an expectation of his or her JOB.

    When he or she goes above and beyond the expectation it's great when they are recognized, because we know there are a lot of acts of heroism and skill that are never noted. But those commendations are not tokens to wipe out wrong doings.

    Most people charged with crime probably spend much more time NOT committing crimes than perpetrating. That's the way it goes. It's why we all have to watch our step, all of the time.

  2. It is ironic to say the least that this blog is called "Behind the Blue Wall". I was surfing the net when I came across this particular item. I did in fact date the alleged victim and can not substantiate too much in the way of newspaper articles. But trust me, she is a force to be reckoned with. The fact that her case made any headway had everything to do with stepping from behind the blue wall.

    Search for articles on Tammy Luty of Saginaw PD who was demoted because of an allegation made and supported by her department and Internal Affairs investigator Sergeant Anjanette Tuer(Suspect Tuer's wife). Two weeks prior to this incident, the subject of this article(Tuer) was questioned as to D/Sgt Chris Luty(Same post as Tuer) of the MSP rolling a friends vehicle in a drunk driving accident.

    Is it coincidence that Chris Luty is the suspect and Tammy Luty was responsible(Lieutenant in Charge of the Saginaw PD Detective Bureau) for an investigation of a key witness (Tuer) in her husbands alleged case.

    What makes me even more suspicious of this is the fact that if a fight happened in a bar, yet why did the so called victim who was in fear follow Tuer out of the bar? Also, there were several hundred people at the bar and the only witnesses are bar employees and or friends of the employees(The victim did not ever work at the bar, contrary to what she told police). This made national news. Not one witness appeared that did not know one another. White's bar is also known as a cop hang out.

    I submit what happened here was the result of stepping from Behind the Blue wall.

    Just some final food for thought. Your other article indicates that POLK was tortured. Why did he not take his case to trial? Innocent people just don't plea guilty, unless of course they are. In retrospect, Tuer had a trial and was even found not guilty of one of the charges. Do you think that a lie can get you convicted?

    Why did he do that at his own expense? He knew he wasn't going to get fired for a misdemeanor offense. He still is working, even after a conviction.

    We do not have a justice system, we have a judicial system. I submit that Tuer was judged for stepping from behind the Blue wall.

    As a foot note, The drunk driving accident never was fully investigated. Rangle was arrested some weeks later for drunk driving. Her boyfriend, another so called witness, was arrested for distributing marijuana.

    Lets see if there is any integrity to this blog. These things are really easy to verify. Its called the freedom of Information Act.

  3. As far as integrity - the ball's in your court not mine. I'm tracking national cases not Tuer. He's one of thousands and I don't have a staff... just 2 kids that need me too. It's a local and personal issue for you - so do your stuff & provide your sources, links where possible.

  4. Heres a link:


  5. And Below is another link. The issue I see is that you are well intended, but no different then the media that sensationalizes a story. Looking at the write up you posted, I swear this cop was the anti-christ. You have targeted someone, without knowing the true story. Give me your name, let me set up a web page and I am sure I can twist something to make you look worse than what you are. Believe me if I did not know the people involved from Saginaw PD, this would not matter. They are dirty. Sorry its the truth. I work with them.

    A true testimonial to this blog, would be to remove this story becaause there is enough doubt. You your self admitt to being a person with two children who does not have time to really research an issue. The anti-christ may just be a hero.

    If he was able to tell on his sergeant, he may just have looked like one.


  6. Also post a fax number and I will fax you the press release on his Live Saving award.

  7. Is he in the videos? I watched them both. Did I miss his name? Is he in them?

  8. cloud writer is right..

  9. Maybe you can help me out. I am a defense attorney, who needs, for obvious reasons, to stay anonymous. I researched this guy, and other that this bar fight he was in, I can't find anything solid on him. I checked into the shooting he was involved with and it turns out POLK tried to take his gun from him and shoot him with it. Polk had gunpowder residue on his hand and even pled guilty, so I can't use that either.
    I see that this is a Domestic Violence website, and would assume you had other goodies that indicate that this officer is a domestic abuser. Is there a way I can get more dirt on him? He is somewhat decorated and I can't attack anything about his work ethic.
    The reason I ask is that this officer has put hundreds of sex offenders in jail. The below link is his latest crusade. I have several clients that I can give justice to by painting this guy to be a wife beater.
    Also if you don't mind, let me know if you’re comfortable to coming to court. Nothing would be better for my clients than to discredit this guy.

    I know that for each of these sex offenders he incarcerates there was a victim, but these guys need a voice too. So thank you,

    Just post your comments and I will email you my contact information.


  10. You want me to help you get him for putting sex offenders in jail?

    Is that what you said?

    REALLY? Oh my.

    That doesn't matter though, because I NEVER help ANYone who wants "dirt" on someone.

    That's bad juju.

  11. I appreciate that. I just thought that the domestic violence tag he has on him would help me paint him that way. I have tried to find something to support that claim, but nothing. I assumed you could have had more, and apologize for misinterpreting. I thought domestic violence was a criteria for having your name posted here. I even tried to bring in his victim from the bar. Turns out she dated a Michigan Police Trooper and was charged with D.V. herself. Go figure Michigan laws do not let us attack the victim. I'd hate to have been the prosecutor should that have been able to come out.

    Thanks for your thoughtful insight. I will at least be able to use your blog site against him. Sometimes when the ju ju is not that bad, you still can paint it that way.

    Here is another news story of the so called "Superman" wife beater going after Michigan's top 10 sex offenders.

    Thanks again cloud writer for giving me something, when I had nothing. Your efforts here will pay off in ways you will never know.

  12. We were discussing how you use the valuable information you have provided in our clients defense. I know you told me you didn't want to provide dirt, but looking at the way you have portrayed this officer, I would say you and I think alike. We both have a cause and its really not about truth, but how we portray the facts. I like the spin you put on the fact that he was in a shooting and tied it into the bar fight. This statement is great:

    Wednesday, January 5, 2005
    [MI] I-SPY Trooper Tuer. Has assaulting women (or has shooting a Black man in the back) made him a better cop?

    The shooting took place in 1997 before the bar fight, but you played it well. It doesn't look like he learned a thing even though charges were not considered even for a second in the shooting.

    Keep up the good work. This information may get objected to, and then stricken from the record, but do you really think a jury can un-hear it.

    Thanks again Cloud Writer. Are you sure you don't have a Criminal Defense Attorney's background? I will be sure to check in with you every time I have a D.V. defense to prepare. Eventually I will get someone off due to your diligent efforts.

  13. My intuition meter needle is pinned in the red.

    Scoundrel is the word that comes to mind.

  14. I posted you in case you are who say you are and in case you're not. Either way it's good for folks to know you're out there.

  15. got your new message. what a faker. haha.

  16. RUNS in The Family. They are all racists apparently.

    Judge denies Saginaw's request for retrial in $1M discrimination suit
    By Gus Burns | The Saginaw News
    November 27, 2009, 10:00PM

    BAY CITY — A U.S. district judge has rejected a request by the city of Saginaw for a new trial after a jury awarded former Saginaw Police Officer Danny T. McDole $1 million in a race discrimination lawsuit.

    The March 3 jury verdict stated that the city and the Saginaw Police Department “intentionally discriminated” against McDole because of his race and that race was motivating factor in the decision to fire him Feb. 7, 2006 for “violation of rules.”

    The city’s motion for a new trial alleged the court improperly admitted certain irrelevant evidence that swayed the jury’s decision and failed to instruct the jury properly as to its role in evaluating evidence and testimony. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington ruled against the request.

    The suit stemmed from an 11:30 p.m. Oct. 14, 2005, “road rage” incident in which, while McDole was driving to work for a midnight shift, two men pulled alongside him shouting racial epithets, chucking beer bottles and swerving to force him to stop.

    McDole and the pursuers stopped their vehicles, and when the officer exited his car in full police uniform, the men harassing him sped off, but McDole was able to record their license plate information.

    McDole later was asked to arrest the suspects, which led to the rules violations not specifically stated in the court order denying the re-trial, initial complaint or the city’s response.

    The court order mentions that the officer left messages on a suspect’s voicemail that were “outside his normal character.”

    McDole, represented by Saginaw attorney Victor J. Mastromarco, alleged that his actions led to a request by Sgt. Anjanette “A.J.” Tuer, an internal affairs investigator at the time, to undergo a psychological evaluation because he was an “angry black man.”

    A psychologist diagnosed McDole with mildly severe post-traumatic stress disorder from the road rage event and other work-related incidents, according to the court’s denial order.

    Mastromarco, two weeks before the ruling in the McDole case, filed another suit in U.S. District Court in Bay City on behalf of former Saginaw police officer Patrick C. Shaltry against the city. Shaltry’s $75,000-plus civil suit alleges Tuer sexually harassed him and the city illegally fired him under state disability law guidelines.

  17. Trial to highlight police drama
    By Stacey Henson
    May 26, 2007, 10:30PM

    Suit claims sex discrimination, retaliation



    Saginaw Police Chief Gerald H. Cliff's "morons and idiots" leak inside the Police Department in 2005 is to take center stage Tuesday in a federal courtroom.

    For the first time, court filings show Cliff believes Lt. Tamie M. Luty made the secret tape of him insulting Saginaw City Council members that became public and ignited a political firestorm two summers ago.

    Luty denies making the tape transcript of a command officers meeting June 7, 2005. The 18-year veteran, who formerly was Saginaw's acting police chief, is suing the city for $250,000 on claims of sex discrimination and retaliation.

    Luty's lawsuit claims Cliff demoted her twice: once because she's a woman, and again because of an internal investigation -- which her lawyer claims violated her constitutional rights -- that found Luty taped Cliff.

    Cliff contends any demotions were proper. Cliff declined comment for this story, citing pending litigation and the Internal Affairs investigation.

    Lawyers are to begin seating a jury and may give opening statements starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington's courtroom in Bay City, said Luty's attorney, Victor J. Mastromarco.

    Costly proceedings

  18. The looming trial not only may cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it could continue the trend of courthouse filings and, this time, from the witness stand.

    The last suit to stir controversy, Cecil A. Collins' claim that City Manager Darnell Earley and Mayor Carol B. Cottrell conspired to oust him in summer 2005, never made it to trial.

    Saginaw County Circuit Judge William A. Crane threw it out in December, calling the raciest allegations "rumor and innuendo." Collins is appealing. His lawyer has said arguments in the case could take place this fall or winter.

    Tuesday, June 26, former City Treasurer Karen Lawrence-Webster takes her $4.2 million lawsuit to trial, claiming Collins violated her free speech rights by firing her amid a cover-up in 2004.

    Lawrence-Webster's suit could cost the city as much as $150,000; that amount is the deductible on the city's lawsuit insurance. Luty's suit could cost more because the deductible rose to $200,000 in 2005. The city's annual premium is $350,000, City Attorney Thomas Fancher has said.

    One probe, two takes

  19. Two versions of the same summer 2005 Police Department Internal Affairs investigation into the taping both ended inconclusively, and both with signatures from the command officers running the probe.

    The Saginaw News obtained the internal documents because the reports are among those generated in the pre-trial discovery process, when both sides in a lawsuit share what evidence they have.

    The documents are on file in the Eastern Division of U.S. District Court in Bay City.
    Both versions have the same report number of 05-019, but they are dated July 21 and then Aug. 2. The first version implicates nobody in the taping. The second version fingers Luty, though in passing.

    Sgts. Terri Johnson-Wise and Kevin Revard handled the probe in part because neither attended the June 7, 2005, meeting, which included 10 command officers and Cliff, the documents state.

    The first version states simply: "Based on a lack of evidence these investigators are unable to determine who secretly taped the meeting ... and had it transcribed and then sent to City Council Person Roma Thurin."

    It was Thurin, who did not run for re-election when her term ended in 2005, who announced she had received the tape transcript anonymously. Thurin made copies and passed them out to council members and the media.

    Thurin, Daniel Soza, and present Councilmen Amos O'Neal and Willie Haynes were supporting police layoffs during a politically nettlesome budget season.

    The transcript states Cliff called them "morons" and "idiots" over their stance on layoffs. Cliff has never acknowledged making the statements. The internal report confirms the transcript apparently was legitimate.

    Thurin "did not respond" to requests that she participate in the police probe, both versions of the report state.

    By contrast, the second version of the report is two pages longer than the first. It includes additional interviews, and states a conclusion damaging to Luty.

    "Based on statements taken from Sgt. (Mark) Lively and former Chief Don Pussehl, and Lt. Luty's reluctance to participate in the written questionnaire, suspicion does point to Lt. Luty as the person who may have secretly tape recorded the meeting" the Aug. 2, 2005, version concludes.

    But it adds: "However, due to a lack of direct evidence, these investigators are unable to determine who secretly tape-recorded the meeting."

    Lively and Pussehl, now the Saginaw Township police chief, told investigators they believed Luty repeatedly tape-recorded conversations in secret in the past, but they had no evidence in those cases or in the June 7, 2005, meeting.

  20. Only the second version of the report includes the interview with Pussehl, which the report states took place Aug. 1, 2005. Lively made the same statements in both versions of the report.

    Luty, who already had lost her job as head of investigations during a July 1, 2005, restructuring amid 10 layoffs and was working as a road patrol lieutenant, lost her rank two weeks later.

    A document dated Aug. 22, 2005, titled "Tammy Luty (Demotion)" states that the conclusions of 3I.A. #05-1092 went to Cliff.

    "It has been determined that you (Luty) are the person that secretly tape-recorded the June 7, 2005, meeting and forwarded the transcribed information to a Councilperson," the document states.

    It concludes: "Therefore ... you are to be demoted to the rank of Sergeant for a period of one year, effective Aug. 24, 2005."

    'Irreparably harmed'

    Luty fought the demotion and won her rank back two months later. Mastromarco said Cliff's decision to demote Luty was "capricious."

    The city's lawyer in the case, John A. Decker of Braun Kendrick Finkbeiner, writes in the statement of defense that Cliff "eventually concluded that (Luty) had taped the meeting," but that Luty "escaped discipline" because the evidence was "wholly circumstantial."

    The city and Cliff are denying Luty's claims, Decker's filing states.

    "The relationship between (Luty) and Chief Cliff, however, was irreparably harmed because Chief Cliff believed that he could not trust (Luty)," Decker's defense states.

    At the time, the Saginaw County Police Chiefs Association rallied around Cliff and sent a letter to Attorney General Mike Cox asking that he open a criminal probe into the taping. His office has taken no such step publicly.

  21. If you are going to tell the story, tell it all. Or do your two children prevent you from being honest in your representations. I am not who you think, but yes I a very close to him. I happen to know a little more about the truth and character of this man.

    Luty takes stand in Saginaw police case
    By Jodi McFarland
    May 31, 2007, 4:48PM

    BAY CITY -- Crying at the memory of what she describes as her harassment, Saginaw Police Lt. Tamie M. Luty spent more than four hours telling a federal jury here an excruciating tale of workplace hell.

    Her lawyer, Victor Mastromarco, laid out the bulk of Luty's gender bias and retaliation case against Police Chief Gerald H. Cliff and the city of Saginaw today in U.S. District Court.

    The defense, which contends Luty is a problem employee who betrayed Cliff and the department by publicizing Cliff's private "morons and idiots" reference to City Council members in 2005, has yet to cross-examine Luty or call any of its own witnesses.

    Luty, an 18-year veteran and the first woman to rise to the rank of lieutenant, described working in a totalitarian atmosphere after Cliff arrived on the job in February 2005, in which she had to fend off shadowy charges that turned out "bogus."

    "They never told you what had happened, what the conclusions were," she told a jury of seven men and a woman.

    At times dabbing her eyes with tissues, Luty described how she became victim of Cliff's efforts to force her into a third-shift job while recovering from an injury and caring for her ailing 7-year-old child.

    Luty, the department's former acting police chief, claims Cliff demoted her once over her gender and again when she refused to take a lie-detector test over the secret taping, which she denies.

    She's seeking more than $250,000 in her suit against Cliff and the city on claims of discrimination, retaliation and violations of her free speech and 14th Amendment rights.

  22. Check out Larry lee Polk on Otis. Guess he is an upstanding member of society. Or maybe its the police officer's fault. Gosh a known drug dealer must be right.

    Here is his public accessed information. Of course that's not as exciting as embellished OIDV is it?


  23. Here is a definition. Where is bar fight or "Slap" fall into that? Of course no one ever lies:

    Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse or intimate partner violence (IPV), can be broadly defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family, friends or cohabitation.[1] Domestic violence has many forms including physical aggression (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, throwing objects), or threats thereof; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation; stalking; passive/covert abuse (e.g., neglect); and economic deprivation.[1] Domestic violence may or may not constitute a crime, depending on local statues, severity and duration of specific acts, and other variables. Alcohol consumption[2] and mental illness[3] have frequently been associated with abuse.

    Awareness, perception and documentation of domestic violence differs from country to country, and from era to era. Estimates[citation needed] are that only about a third of cases of domestic violence are actually reported in the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the Centers for Disease Control, domestic violence is a serious, preventable public health problem affecting more than 32 million Americans, or over 10% of the U.S. population.[4]

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