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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

[OH] Slain cop's wife Niema's mother: Don't let her die in vain

Never Forgetting
Niema Latrese Thompson Blake


Mother Searches For Answers In Daughter's Death
March 9, 2005
DAYTON, Ohio -- A grieving mother made an emotional plea for help two weeks after her daughter was shot to death inside her home.
On Wednesday morning, Nevada Blake asked Dayton City Commissioners not to let her daughter die in vain. Niema Thompson-Blake, 30, died on Feb. 19 after police said she was shot by her husband, Dayton police officer Michael Blake.
Nevada Blake believes Michael Blake murdered her daughter. She knows that city commissioners did not have the answers but she hopes they will put pressure on those who do.
Nevada Blake said she is frustrated with the lack of action in the two weeks since her daughter's death.
Michael Blake was handcuffed by officers at the scene and taken in for questioning. However, he was never arrested and so far county prosecutors have not filed any charges in the case.
Sources told NewsCenter 7 that Michael Blake claimed his wife came at him with a butcher knife. Nevada Blake said that is not the case and said her daughter was a loving mother of three children.
Nevada Blake also claimed that Michael Blake called two other people before he called police dispatchers. She said her daughter's marriage turned violent before her death.
Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin was the only city leader who responded to Blake's plea. She said the city would do what it supposed to be done in this type of matter.
Police Chief Julian Davis referred questions to the prosecutor's office. Authorities said prosecutors met once with detectives to review the case. It is possible that investigators may come back with new information or ask for charges to be approved.
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  1. Officer Blake was ALLOWED to RESIGN after found to be dishonest and deceptive during the so-called investigation into Niema's murder - um - death by blow and gunfire.

  2. ...To know that Niema Blake "has gone to a better place" is comforting for Belcher, but something is missing. "A lot of people are sad," she said. "We're just feeling like we want justice now"...

    Slain woman remembered as teacher, friend, daughter
    Officer's wife mourned by 200 at funeral at Omega
    By Kelli Wynn
    Dayton Daily News

    DAYTON | To help his students deal with the loss of their teacher, Charles Burks told students at Adventure Central to draw their memories of Niema Latrese Thompson-Blake.

    During her funeral Friday, Burks, who worked with her for more than a year at the after-school tutorial program on James H. McGee Boulevard, recalled what a 10-year-old girl said to him when he asked her why she drew a picture of stars in a sky.

    "We haven't really lost Mrs. Blake," the girl told him. "She's gone on to be a star in God's constellation of stars."

    More than 200 people filled the sanctuary of Omega Baptist Church on Emerson Avenue to say goodbye to their mother, daughter, friend, and teacher.

    Niema Blake, 30, died last Saturday at Good Samaritan Hospital. Her husband, Dayton police Officer Michael Blake, called an emergency dispatcher and said he shot her at their home, 1576 Euclid Ave, four blocks from Omega Baptist. Police questioned Blake, who told the dispatcher she "pulled a ... butcher knife on me." Police have made no arrests.

    "The children under her care at Adventure Central have lost an advocate and great teacher," Niema Blake's obituary read. "This tragedy has left a great void in the lives of those who loved her."

    "Always spoke softly," Burks said. "She never would raise her voice. Her love would permeate the room.... She knew how to make everyone feel like they had a special relationship with her. I'm so glad we crossed paths."

    Burks said he was shocked to hear the recordings of Michael Blake's calls to the dispatcher.

    "I couldn't picture her being provoked," Burks said.

    Niema Blake's aunts, Sheila Hickman and Cindy Crable-Davenport, described their niece as a quiet, soft- spoken person who was never cruel to anybody. "I just don't ever picture her pulling a butcher knife," Crable-Davenport said.

    After Niema Blake's casket, covered with pink and purple flowers, and pink sashes, was placed in a golden hearse, family, friends and co-workers outside the church praised the mother of three who was attending Sinclair Community College with dreams of becoming a child psychologist.

    "She was a very beautiful person," said Karla Edmondson, who attended services with Niema Blake at Prayer Garden Church of God in Christ.

    "She loved God. I never saw anything else but the love of God showing through her."

    Minister Derrick Brown, a member of Prayer Garden, said Niema Blake encouraged his son, then 25, to come to his church.

    "She was the one that got him saved," he said.

    "She was taking care of God's business."

    Sonya Belcher, who said she was Niema Blake's children's baby sitter before she married Michael Blake, said Niema Blake was a sweet person: "She was a good woman. Senseless death."

    To know that Niema Blake "has gone to a better place" is comforting for Belcher, but something is missing.

    "A lot of people are sad," she said. "We're just feeling like we want justice now."


    1. please help me, demetrius smith, her only son, to re-open this case so that justice can be served. it pains me to find out that he is still alive laughing, working, growing in age while my mom is 6feet deep, decaying as maggot food. just a thought; if his mom was shot three times in the head by me, and i did not get any time for it how would he fill. JUSTICE OR DEATH. WHICH WILL HE CHOOSE

  3. Last evening I was in the unplanned company of Niema Blake's mother. The anguish of her daughter's senseless death is still hauntingly fresh in her mind and broken heart. I reviewed the printed facts of this case on-line and conclude that there is no justice or closure for this family. The husband/gunman in this case was allowed to resign from the police force. He has a job in this area. Niema Blake, his wife, was an adored daughter, teacher and friend. It makes no sense that a man would choose to point blank shoot her in the face. Even if what he said was true about her coming at him with a weapon, does a trained police officer really need to shoot her? If he felt so suddenly threatened, he could have restrained her with his superior strength. Couple this with his decision to not call 911, but instead, a non-emergency dispatch number to report the shooting; as well as police finding that he lied about the investigation. Why people, why was this man not indicted??? It is not too late to reconsider these facts. This tragedy has destroyed the faith of many who loved this woman and believed our government would hold Officer Blake accountable. They need the comfort of justice. I pray they will not have to wait until eternity to see it, and that their Lord will uphold them in the ongoing grief. For me, seeing a mother is such emotional pain will stay with me forever.

    1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2012

      There has to be justice for niema and her family. Won't someone come forward to get the justice this case is crying out for! Its never too late. Never forget please.

  4. I followed mom Nevada's every public word and request from afar. I felt the pain, her attempt to hope, and her confusion over why she was being treated so badly following Niema's murder. Niema's killer resigned in light of being dishonest during the investigation. How does that happen? Sounds like reason to arrest him to me.

    I would LOVE to know where he works.

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2012

    Where's mikey now?

  6. He's a bouncer @ the 19th hole on Nicholas rd in dayton oh.

  7. Tayana NelsonAugust 18, 2012

    I ran into him about 2 weeks ago working at the 19th hole as a bouncer! He walks around like hes done nothing wrong! It sickens me that our sweet Niema is cold in the ground and hes still out free to do as he pleases! He murdered my friend and got nothing but a pat on the back! @#$%FRUSTARATED@#$%

  8. He really really seems (on this earth) to have walked right out of a murder, despite being found to be dishonest during the "investigation".

    I sure would like to have a copy of that investigation.

  9. this is her son demetrius smith and to this day justice has not been served. thank you america for fuccing my family for your benifit.

  10. Where's Waldo - Michael Blake now? Is he still at the 19th hole. He is only prohibited from being a cop in Dayton so he may show up in uniform somewhere. It would be good to know if he does.

    1. I just did a search for the 19th Hole. Who is the shooter at this joint that is the last known place Michael Blake worked?

      Monday, March 3, 2014
      19th Hole shooting victim ID'd, suspect questioned

  11. Plaintiff
    Blake, et al v. Michael Blake, et al
    DAVID BLAKE, Executor of the Estate of Niema Thompson-Blake and NEVADA BLAKE, as guardian of Amira s. Thompson, Sierra C. May Ho, and Demetrius M.T. Smith Jr. and individually on her own behalf and the behald of the three minor children

    MICHAEL BLAKE, Individually and in his Official Capacity as the City of Dayton Police Officer, CITY OF DAYTON and JULIAN DAVIS, Individually and in his capacity as the Director of the City of Dayton Department of Police and as Representative of the entire Department of Police and Director/Master of all defendants, including John and Jane Does

    Case No. : 08-3448
    Filled: April 17, 2008
    Court: U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
    Nature of suit: Civil Rights: Other

    Plaintiff - appellant: DAVID BLAKE, Executor of the Estate of Niema Thompson-Blake

    Plaintiff - appellant: NEVADA BLAKE, as guardian of Amira s. Thompson, Sierra C. May Ho, and Demetrius M.T. Smith Jr. and individually on her own behalf and the behald of the three minor children

    Defendant - appellee: MICHAEL BLAKE, Individually and in his Official Capacity as the City of Dayton Police Officer


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