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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ludimila Hiers found murdered. Officer Hiers flees

Ludimila is gone now too.
She's from Brazil and was in South Carolina.
I wonder if she had friends,
or contact with her family

A week ago she was found dead, shot in the back of the head, and her husband abscounded or ridded of himself some other way. There is a manhunt going on...

Out of all the articles there is very little on Ludimila herself. The sum of it can be found in just one:

"...Ludimila Hiers attended a local college and worked in the shoe department of Sears at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston. 'She was very pretty and always friendly,' Meadows said. Neighbor Evelyn Jaime said the couple had lived in the house for at least three years.... 'She was just a young girl.'... The couple married in Hampton County on Aug. 9, 1998, when Ludimila Araujo, a native of Brazil, was 17..."

Police searching for former officer
March 17, 2005
Post and Courier Staff

It comes down to that.
I so wish I could know her more... more OF her, to share.

A picture of Officer Hiers - ONLY because there's a search.


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2008

    your commentary makes you sound like a weirdo.

  2. Daniel Hiers is on the US marshalls list of 15 most wanted. John Walsh, of America's Most Wanted also lists him. He is trained in martial arts. Ex-cop with 11 years experience. 6'3" tall over 200 pounds is a fitness buff. Blond hair with blue eyes. Shoud be extremely easy to spot this guy. He should stick out like a sore thumb. Working Security? $25,000 reward! Lets catch this guy.

  3. i worked with mila for about 2 years. she was really sweet. dan was very controllingabout what she would do. and he would always stop by work to see what she was doing. they got married when she was 17 he met her when she was 15 i think she said. they met at disneywolrd in an elevator. he was already in his twenties then. so hes always had a problem. i remember little funny things about her. i used to always try to get her to say bad words in portugues for me. she wouldnt even day them in english either. she was soo funny about that. but she was a very fown to earth. and i remember she always said we needed to go to the gym cuz her cellulite in which my return was always how i wish that was all i had to complain about. miss her alot.

  4. Thank you for sharing the memories.

  5. Very scary & sad story! Heirs was a police officer at my high school. He was always very friendly & we all made friends with him! Gives me the chill bumps to think about this story :(

  6. AnonymousMay 24, 2011

    he's probably in canada working logging, construction. got a beard. he would fit in to this crowd who don't ask questions about your past.

  7. Ex-cop accused of killing wife in custody after 13 years on the run
    Sep. 20, 2018
    SHANGHAI, CHINA (WCSC) - A former Charleston police officer accused of killing his wife has been captured in China after 13 years on the run... Dan Hiers is in custody in Shanghai. Hiers reportedly was living there under the assumed name David Williams... Over the years the marshal’s service received many tips of sightings but none panned out. On Sept. 10, Live 5 News received a Facebook message along with an article about Hiers that was dated on the same day. In the article, a woman said she recognized her former English teacher in China from the U.S. Marshal’s Most Wanted list...


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