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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Crystal Brame "Judson" murdered by police chief husband

Washington - 2003
Crystal and Tacoma Police Department Police Chief, David Brame Sr., were divorcing, living apart, and David had the kids for weekend visitation. While sitting sideways in an open-doored car, he pulled her head down towards his lap, shot her in the head, and immediately shot himself in the head as well. There's a library-worth more of information because of the two Washington State Patrol investigations, the Washington Association of Sheriff's and Police Chief's investigation, the FBI inquiry, the competing, prolific newspaper agencies and their investigative reporters, an outspoken Citizens Panel, a muliti-disciplinary committee of 40 individuals assigned and volunteering to study the tragedy and bring forth living fruit from the two deaths, the passing of state wide laws, the creation of the most comprehensively written officer-involved domestic violence policy in the country, probing websites, an impending $75M lawsuit against the city, more lawsuits, seeking national legislation, experts consulting across the country, writing, publishing, conferencing, preparing... and oh so much more. The news went to Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, and just about every place on the globe with a connected press - Not just because Crystal's soon-to-be ex was the chief.
It was because every extra obstacle to safety suffered by the victims of officer involved dv was intensified and now oh-so public.
No one paid attention when she said he choked me.
No one came to her to help when she said he was threatening her life.
She was begging for a restraining order.
On public record she said that he held a gun to her head - told her that

accidents happens.
It was because after the deaths it was uncovered how many people, and how high up the power-ladder, his rape of a woman was known before his "rise" to chief.
It was because it was learned after his murder and suicide that his psych testing showed that he really should have never been allowed to become a police officer at all.
It was because of how the 911 dispatcher responded to Crystal's call just two weeks before her death, once they knew who she was reporting - the chief and an assistant chief..
It was her call from a phone booth the night before her death that
she was afraid for her personal safety
more now
than ever before.

- left on a voice mail.

It was because while the city closed their eyes, she said that other high ranking police officials were actually HELPING her husband to intimidate and track her, call her and document her calls.
Was her phone tapped? She tried to find out.
Was her food poisoned? She was almost sure.

How much more should I go on?

The story does.

This is all still in progress as the preparation for trial begins.


  1. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    I just finished reading the book asbout this horrible act!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!! How corrupt and disgusting for this man to have risen through the ranks. This beautiful woman has VERY MANY people responsible for her murder and I hope they feel the sting of it for the rest of their lives!!!!!

    1. Hi
      Anonymous May 27th 2010
      I was wondering what the name is of the book you mentioned u had just read about Crystal Brame's Murder?


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