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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

[AL] Officer Bass's girlfriend says she was choked, hit in the face

Greenville police officer accused of assaulting girlfriend
Montgomery Advertiser
December 10, 2006
GREENVILLE -- A decorated Greenville police officer has been charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment following an altercation with his girlfriend, police said Friday. John Bass, who was wounded earlier this year following a fatal shoot-out at a Greenville motel, was arrested Wednesday night and posted a $13,000 bail on Thursday. "This is an unfortunate situation," Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram said Friday. "I talked to (Bass) privately and explained his options to him"...

Greenville Police Officer Quits After Girlfriend Files Charges
WSFA Montgomery
Dec 9, 2006
Less than two months ago, Alabama Attorney General Troy King honored Greenville Police officers John Bass and his partner Byron Russell as 'Police Officers Of The Year,' honored because both were involved in a shoot-out with an armed guest at the Comfort Inn earlier this year. Today, the 26-year old Bass no longer patrols Greenville's streets. Instead he resigned after an argument with his girlfriend that allegedly turned violent. "She alleges that they had a verbal argument and that he grabbed her throat, choked her and hit her in the face," said Chief Lonzo Ingram. Before he resigned, Bass spent Wednesday night in the Butler County jail. He made his $13,000 bond Thursday morning. Girlfriend Kristie McGough claimed in the police report that Bass choked her and struck in the face with his fists. She was able to get away by going to another policeman's home who in turned called for help. McGough declined to say what led to the argument and so did John Bass when we talked with him at his apartment. Just last weekend, Bass served as a grand marshall in the town's Christmas parade.

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  1. Now he's an officer in the city of Georgianna, Alabama. How are citizens with this kind of law enforcement supposed to feel safe?


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