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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

[VA] Pam killed her husband Deputy Tim Jones & then herself

...Police found a semi-automatic handgun in Pamela Farmer Jones’ lap on the day she and her husband, Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Jones, were found dead inside their Kentuck Road home... “We struggle and we toil for answers, and then when we get them, we don’t know what to do with them. Life brings us to the place where we have to just trust God"...

Search warrant: Deaths murder, suicide
Danville Register Bee
December 13, 2006
Police found a semi-automatic handgun in Pamela Farmer Jones’ lap on the day she and her husband, Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Jones, were found dead inside their Kentuck Road home, according to a search warrant filed Nov. 29... A deputy went to the home to conduct a well-being check after Timothy Jones failed to show up for work. Autopsy results revealed that Timothy Jones died of multiple gunshot wounds, while his wife died of a single gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted... Tim Jones was an eight-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and was part of its special investigations division at the time of his death.

Shooting remains mystery
Register & Bee staff writer
December 1, 2006
The old adage “opposites attract” never rang truer than it did in the union of Tim and Pamela Jones. Pamela Farmer Jones was outgoing and outspoken, a motivator whose charm and sweet demeanor made it a tough task to turn her down. “You couldn’t say ‘no’ to her,” said her cousin Kenneth Brooks. Pam’s husband Tim, on the other hand, had to be engaged in conversation. He was a polite man, but not a very vocal one, according to his wife’s family. “Tim was quiet,” said Thomas Brooks, who is Pam Jones’ cousin and pastor of Evangel Temple United Holy Church, where she was an associate minister. “From all signs, they were a nice, happy couple,” Thomas Brooks said... “Everybody was in shock”... The image that family members hold in their minds of Pam Jones is not one of a woman who would kill her husband and then turn the gun on herself, but of a woman who loved her family and her church. The couple met in the Tidewater area when Pam was a student at Christopher Newport University. Their marriage was the second for Pam, who had a son with her first husband. When they married, Tim gave the child his name and raised him as his own... At Evangel Temple, Pam shared many roles. In addition to her duties as associate minister, she chaired the youth department and finance committee, was a member of the trustee board and performed in the choir. Tim stuck mainly to one talent in the church: the bass guitar... The family said they knew of no problems in the couple’s marriage that would have led to what deputies discovered when they arrived at 956 Kentuck Road on that fateful day after Tim Jones failed to show up for work. “I have my doubts,” Thomas Brooks said of the conclusions state police have come to thus far in their investigation. “I have my inclinations”...

Speaker says 'these are difficult times'
December 3, 2006
Funeral services were held Saturday for Pamela Farmer Jones at Bibleway Cathedral as speakers referred to the service as a “celebration of her life.” “We shared both good times and bad times back then,” said the Rev. Leonard Thompson of McLaughlin Memorial Holiness Church in South Boston. “Today shall be a celebration of life… The enemy has wreaked havoc upon us and brought tears to our eyes, but the God that I serve shall wipe away the tears.”... During the service, several ministers spoke with all calling upon God to help Jones’ family. “We lift up this family to you to touch, to heal and to forgive,” said Charles Allen, pastor at James Street United Holiness Church in Danville. “Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe on this family, and remember her mother. Let them know that you haven’t left them.” Tara Scott, Jones’ first cousin, gave the family tribute, remembering Jones as being “so sweet” and a “busy bee, always doing something. We need to celebrate the life she lived, not how long she lived,” Scott said. “She truly lived a good life… Pam, we love you , we miss you, but we know you are OK.” The Rev. Floyd Blackwell, pastor of Miracle Temple Baptist Church in Newport News where Jones was also a member, delivered the eulogy, speaking of his struggles to understand Jones’ death... “We struggle and we toil for answers, and then when we get them, we don’t know what to do with them. Life brings us to the place where we have to just trust God... They were both good-hearted helpers of humanity,” he said. Calling the circumstances surrounding their deaths “an unexplainable mystery,” he assured Jones’ family that the members of Miracle Temple Church would continue to pray for her family... Larry Campbell, assistant pastor at Bibleway, estimated about 1,000 people attended the service. Funeral services for Tim Jones will be held Monday at Miracle Temple Baptist Church in Newport News...

Pastor says deputy 'was precious to us'

December 5, 2006
Timothy Jones was a shining star within the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office whose light will be missed, Sheriff G. Harold Plaster said Monday at the deputy’s funeral. The quiet, unassuming 42-year-old was a dutiful law enforcement officer who loved his job as well as his co-workers. “Tim was an individual that was easy to be around,” Plaster told the crowd of family, friends and law enforcement officials who gathered inside Miracle Temple Baptist Church Monday afternoon to say farewell to Jones. “He would uplift others that may be down”... Plaster said Jones quickly rose through the ranks of the department, starting out as a school resource officer and eventually being promoted to an investigator within the special investigations division. His most recent evaluation, which Plaster shared bits of with the crowd, was glowing: he kept a calm demeanor in stressful situations, maintained a good working relationship with other law enforcement agencies and kept a neat appearance on the job. Jones was a member of Miracle Temple, as well as Evangel Temple United Holy Church, where he played the bass guitar. “Tim was precious to us,” said Evangel Temple Pastor Thomas Brooks, who was Pamela Jones’ cousin. Jones left behind a son, Lorenzo, as well as his parents, two sisters, a brother and a host of other family members and friends. He was laid to rest in Hampton Memorial Gardens...


  1. Thank you for remembering my brother. I was actually googling a church and this website came up as one of the results. When I saw it, I choked and became overwhelmed with sadness. However, I appreciate the fact that my brother has not been forgotten. He will forever be missed and loved, but because of his memory he will forever live within my heart.

    Michanda Jones-Wililams

    1. AnonymousMay 26, 2013

      i new tim and pam years ago i was trying to find them on line tonight and just found out i am in shock,i use to live in norfolk i started tim in loss prevention,i was a hostess at the wedding dinner i am so sad right now i had spoke to them both back when timm was just starting at thepolice dept i am saddened two wonderfull people lost wow..i met you yrs ago i helped them move into a place in hampton and your family was helping load truck..so sad for your family.
      debi lewis
      r.i.p pam and tim

    2. What an incredible loss indeed.....I will always love you my friend and you will never be forgotten...

      Casey Martin

  2. Aw, Hi Michanda. Sorry that it caught you by surprise, but I'm glad it passes the family love test. I'm so sorry that you lost him and that you lost him this way. Hugs.

  3. Pam was my cousin, but i stayed with her and Tim so much she called me her son. Spud (Lorenza) was my closest friend growing up. These two people, Pam and Tim were really great to me. Michanda, I don't really know you, but i know of you and im sorry for your lost also. So thank you Pam and Tim for helping raise me like one of your own, i love you dearly.

    Cpl Kory Brooks
    United States Marine Corps

  4. I was watching an episode of a series on the Oxygen channel this evening. A police officer from Memphis was killed by his jealous girlfriend who was a corrections officer. Ironically, she shot him 6 times with his own service weapon....almost identical to what happened to my brother. I miss my brother immensely!!!!! Sigh....but as I stated before, he will forever be missed and loved, but because of his memory he will forever live within my heart. Continue to Sleep in peace My Timmy!!

  5. He sounded like a really nice guy.

  6. I miss my Uncle Tim so much!! So many life events have happened and I never thought in a million years he wouldn't be here to experience them with my family and I. Like my aunt mentioned before, we're grateful you all keep his memory alive


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