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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[PA] Deputy Mary Farrell charged with terroristic threatening against her fired former deputy ex

A Luzerne County deputy sheriff [Mary Jean Farrell] is denying charges that she threatened her former domestic partner [former deputy sheriff Jennifer Roberts]...


Citizen's Voice
Michael P. Buffer
Published: February 7, 2012
[Excerpts] Luzerne County Deputy Sheriff Mary Jean Farrell has been charged with terroristic threats and harassment, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday by city police. Farrell, 51, of Fairview Township, said Monday she had not been served the complaint and said her former domestic partner, Jennifer M. Roberts, filed the charges against her. "She is lying through her teeth," Farrell said. "I have been a victim from the start." Farrell is a witness in another criminal case against Roberts, who was fired as a deputy sheriff last August... Farrell has been receiving disability pay through the Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act since October 2010, records show. The state law requires this pay for police, fire and sheriff's office workers injured on the job. County officials are reviewing whether to suspend Farrell... [Full article here]

COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF DENIES CHARGES: Mary Jean Farrell accused by former domestic partner of terroristic threats, harassment.
The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader
February 7, 2012
[Excerpts] A Luzerne County deputy sheriff is denying charges that she threatened her former domestic partner at a tavern on Blackman Street. City police on Monday filed charges of terroristic threats and harassment against Mary Jean Farrell... Farrell was charged after her former partner, Jennifer Roberts, a former deputy sheriff, claimed she was threatened on Jan. 24... Farrell strongly denied the allegations. She said she was returning property to Roberts, who works as a bartender at the Pitcher’s Mound. “Jen called me to bring a microwave to her, and I told her I’m not bringing anything to your house,” Farrell said. “She said bring it to my place of work. I thought, great, it’s a public place”... Farrell said she left the tavern and did not threaten Roberts. Roberts told police Farrell threatened her saying, “I’m going to get you, you and your girlfriend. I will (expletive) you so bad, you will pay for everything you have done to cost me my kids for three months and all the money you cost me to get them back”... Vesek, in a written statement to police, said she heard Farrell threatening to “bury” Roberts and Roberts’ girlfriend... Farrell said Sheriff John Gilligan called her Monday to tell her she was suspended and to surrender her badge and weapon pending a termination hearing... Farrell has not worked for nearly a year due to a disability... [Full article here]
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