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Friday, June 22, 2012

SUSAN MURPHY-MILANO on a new journey.

I had posted an article link here earlier regarding Susan Murphy-Milano ("An American Tragedy: A Serious Diagnosis And No Health Insurance") but I deleted it. After going to and reading Susan's new blog that was mentioned in that article it appears to me that Susan's own focus in her battle against cancer appears to be about being positive, self-empowerment, equal availability of holistic care to those who choose it, and using this for as much good and change for others as possible.

Her new blog:

Conquering Cancer

To those who don't know Susan, yes, among many other things Susan is also very related to officer-involved domestic violence.


  1. Cloud....thank you so much for helping us spread the word about Susan's new site and about her health concerns. As you well know, she will come out the other end of this with another mission!

    Much love to you for all you do to assist the victims.


  2. Susan, what you are faced with Cancer, my heart breaks. I, too, have some serious medical problems. All I can do right now is send heart-felt prayers to you. Thank you for your contributions to help me and others when we were in crises. Much love....Tracey Mutz


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