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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[NV] Nevada State Assemblyman Steven Brooks attacked wife, officers

By Molly Waldron
FEB. 11, 2013
[Excerpts] Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested just last month for allegedly threatening the life of another assembly member. Now, he's facing some troubling new charges. According to a police report Brooks' wife said the assemblyman became violent towards her at her home over the weekend. Officers said when they arrived, he tried punching one of them in the face... Brooks' wife told police he was grabbing her by the hair and shaking her back and forth, "yelling one minute then trying to kiss her the next" before pushing  her face against the kitchen counter... While officers attempted to restrain him, Brooks reportedly mounted on top of one of the officers and said, "I've got your gun" ... The police report says when additional officers arrived, they found Brooks in handcuffs screaming expletives. As police took Brooks away in handcuffs, he continued screaming threats... Separate from the criminal charges, there is a select committee of assembly members who will decide whether Brooks is fit to continue serving in the state legislature... [Full article here]

Handcuffed, shouting: 

Associated Press
Ken Ritter
Feb 12, 2013
[Excerpts] Nevada lawmakers on Monday banned troubled Assemblyman Steven Brooks from the legislature and placed him on leave while an independent investigation into his recent bizarre behavior is conducted. Brooks won’t be allowed inside legislative buildings while the investigation is ongoing, Assembly Majority Leader William Horne said. He’s also prohibited from acting as a legislator from outside the legislature’s main building. “We are concerned about the safety of people in the legislative buildings, as well as his ability to serve,” Horne told reporters. “It’s more than a distraction here for us being able to conduct our business”... Earlier Monday, Brooks told The Associated Press that police attacked him during the arrest on Sunday. “I showed them my Assemblyman badge. They told me to get on the ground,” Steven Brooks said during a brief telephone interview. “They tried to kill me.” Brooks was arrested a little after 12:30 a.m. Sunday on misdemeanor domestic battery and obstructing an officer charges that could get him up to two years in jail.... In an arrest report made public Monday, police allege Brooks threw punches and at one point grabbed at an officer’s gun... Brooks and his wife, Ada, are estranged after 13 years of marriage. Brooks told the AP they spent Saturday evening together. Ada Brooks told police that Steven Brooks arrived unexpectedly at her house, said he wanted to retrieve his television and other belongings before heading to Carson City, then began yelling at her and physically restraining her by grabbing her hair on both sides of her head. Police said Ada Brooks had a cut lip that she said she may have gotten when Steven Brooks pushed her face against a kitchen counter.... Officers found Brooks in the driveway, allegedly refusing to remove his hands from his pockets and resisting efforts to arrest him... On Jan. 25, five days after posting bail in the threat case, Brooks was detained and hospitalized for five days for a mental evaluation. Las Vegas police reported summoning medical personnel after officers responded to a disturbance at Brooks’ grandmother’s house that officials say involved a sword. No injuries were reported. [Full article here]
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