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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[TX] Asst. Police Chief Hawthorne charged with domestic assault and bodily injury

From News: Arlington Assistant Police Chief James Hawthorne  is accused of attacking his wife with his “hands, fist, and feet” in the wee hours of November 17th. According to the offense report Hawthorne “was found to have intentionally and knowingly or recklessly caused bodily injury” including but not limited to swelling and redness. "Police did not give details of the victim’s injuries." Assistant Police Chief Hawthorne was arrested by his own department's police officers for family violence, put on administrative leave, and charged with assault and bodily injury. Officers also seized a .38 special revolver and five unfired rounds from the scene. Mrs. Hawthorne, who is also a professional in the community, was given a 61-day emergency protective order against her husband and the case will now go to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office.

"I am deeply disappointed that an Arlington assistant police chief was involved in an incident of domestic violence. Regardless of who you are or where you work, domestic violence will not be tolerated or ignored in our community."

James Emanuel Hawthorne is prohibited from committing family violence, stalking or sexual assault, prohibited from communicating directly in a threatening or harassing manner with anyone in the household or communicating a threat through any person, prohibited from possessing a firearm "unless the person is a peace officer actively engaged in employment as a sworn full-time paid employee..." and prohibited from going within 500 feet of ANY residence, buisness, household or place of employment of the victim or member of the household.

  (That sounds like he still call and text her. Hopefully he can't have guns while he's on leave.)

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