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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[FL] Detective (no-charges) Collier says he just needed "closure"

February 2006
Nine year veteran Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Narcotics Detective - who is also a former detective for Department of Homeland Security investigating the mob - Chad Collier is now recommended by internal affairs for termination. He's ready to appeal. Collier doesn't like folks taking away what he wants to keep. Last year he wanted his dating companion of several months to not leave him. He used his tactical stealth to find his way past the security gates of her condo, and began pounding on the door. After five minutes, trained and experienced, Collier kicked the door in - or as the internal investigation report states, there was a loud noise and Collier was found standing in the living room. He was greeted by a .40 caliber pistol held by his replacement and was told to leave. He did. That was a friday. He wasn't arrested by Jacksonville Beach police until Monday. I don't know why. An internal investigation report says he returned to the ex-girlfriend's condo again, violating an order to stay away from her. Collier was charged ONLY with criminal mischief and trespassing in an occupied structure - "armed with personal weapons" - and released after posting $5,000 bail. The State Attorney's Office says DROPPING THE CHARGES was because NEITHER COLLIER (???) nor his girlfriend wanted to pursue. The news says it's not believed that Collier dating someone in the State Attorney's Office has anything to do with the lack of charges, and it probably didn't. I think his law enforcement credentials were enough to see him through.

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