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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

[WI] Police Standards Officer Steven Lelinski accused of attacking woman he was "pursuing"

February 2006
Milwaukee 16-year veteran Police Officer Steven Lelinski, Member of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board, and President of the Police Relief Association is said to have "pursued" a woman for several weeks before "assaulting" her in her home. (The news articles carefully avoid the R word.) It's said he threw a $20 on the floor when he was done. He's charged with second-degree sexual assault, and second-degree attempted sexual assault, both felonies, and a lewd and lascivious behavior, a misdemeanor (innocent 'til proven guilty). The news says if convicted he'd be looking at up to 60 years. (Won't happen.)


  1. he is a disgusting pig and should rot in hell

    POSTED: 6:38 pm CDT March 29, 2007
    [Excerpts] Former Milwaukee police Officer Steven Lelinski will spend the next two decades behind bars for using his job as a police officer to sexually assault women. Prosecutors describe him as Jeckyl and Hyde... There was a gasp as the large gallery of friends and family first saw Lelinski enter the courtroom in chains Thursday. He was convicted last month of second-degree sexual assault and three related charges. "The veneer of this nice guy, this helper guy, is stripped away pretty quickly, and what we find is the predator underneath," Milwaukee Couty Assistant District Attorney Miriam Falk said... [Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey] Wagner sentenced him to 21 years in prison, saying Lelinski cast a cloud over law enforcement in the community and took advantage of the most vulnerable. "It's important for this court to send a message that regardless of who you are, or what station in life you have, there's going to be justice," Wagner said... [Full article here]

  3. Charges contrast with officer's public image; Father of 6, union board member now accused of sexual assaults
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    Oct 2, 2006. pg. A.1
    [Excerpts] ...By night, he patrolled Milwaukee's streets but not always to protect the public, according to prosecutors. For nearly a decade, they say, Lelinski has been getting away with sexual assault, targeting women whose reputations would never stand up to his. Several times, prosecutors passed on complainants they said weren't "credible." But this year, a different prosecutor reviewed different complaints, and now Lelinski is charged with assaulting three women... The Lelinski line goes back 50 years in the Milwaukee Police Department and has so populated the ranks that some have joked Lelinski means cop in Polish. Nine Lelinskis have served on the department and five other officers are married into the family... In late 1986, Lelinski became a full-time officer for the Village of Marshall Police Department, in Dane County. There, he quickly ran into trouble, records show. Lelinski crashed a squad car four times, flunked a shooting test, drove recklessly, left the village without permission and used "over-zealous enforcement tactics," according to department documents... Lelinski was fired by the village in September 1987... Lelinski was hired by the Milwaukee Police Department in 1990... The next year, Lelinski met a cocktail waitress, Lisa Morales... Morales said Lelinski was jealous and would unexpectedly stop by on duty to check on her. She said he never sexually assaulted her but punched her in the arm and choked her. Morales said she broke up with Lelinski in late 1991 after she caught him cheating on her, twice. Then, she said, he began to stalk her. He broke into her apartment twice. She reported each incident to police but nothing was done, as far as she knows. Morales said she changed her phone numbers a half-dozen times but each time within minutes Lelinski got the new number and called. Morales said the stalking stopped when she threatened to tell Lelinski's father they had been dating. She said his father would have objected because she was Puerto Rican... Two years later, Lelinski married his current wife... Known to some prostitutes as "Detective Hell," Lelinski often worked alone and always at night, according to police documents. He targeted prostitutes or strippers... The assaults occurred both on and off duty... Later, he began targeting women he encountered during ordinary police calls, but again, they had criminal histories that he used against them...

  4. He's rotting in prison now, but will rot in hell when he dies. Runs in the family as his brother Mark stalked his first ex-wife, terrorized his first son by taping such incidents, then stalked and terrorized his second ex-wife and son and taped them too. They are nuts. To bad their dad, Tom, could not police them. Appears the Lelinski boys needed policing.

  5. Appears the Lelinski boys, Paul, Steve and Mark all seemed to get themselves in trouble. Steve cheated on his wife and kids, stalked women, committed crimes etc., Mark stalked his first wife, terrorized his first son by taping the stalking and terrorizing phone calls, abused his second wife and son and like to tape them too. They are sick! Looks like they ruined the Lelinski cop name. Mark is not in jail yet, but should be. Just like Morales said above about Steve, that's Mark too.


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