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Saturday, February 11, 2006

[KY] Ex-Cop Wheeler vs. his daughter = sodomy "not guilty" verdict

February 2006
Kentucky's Shepherdsville Officer Adam Wheeler resigned while fighting the charges of sodomizing his six year old daughter. (Before being an officer there, Wheeler had served as a sheriff's deputy and was assistant chief with the Nichols Fire Department. He also served as the school resource officer in Shepherdsville.)
I tried to not spend hours digging up everything I could find on this case but I did. I think I have all there is to be found that's ever been on the web. Six years old when the sex act was said to have happened (or not happened) and 13 when it went to court, Wheeler's daughter went on record as not believable this month. A liar. I had to dig. I might be being subjective here, but it just hurt me to my soul.
I wasn't there. I don't know. But I wanted to gather the pieces to try to understand how she ended up there, labeled that way, permanently on record.
She told teachers, friends, social workers, police - what she says happened to her. She recanted briefly once after her mother told her if she did that they could be a family again, but she quickly returned to the allegation. Wheeler's defense jumped on that lapse pointing out that the girl's brief retraction proves it was a lie. "When you can't keep the story straight, it's because it didn't happen."
Then officer Wheeler's MOTHER said it was his ex wife's plot, and so did Officer Wheeler's sister. They both said they heard Wheeler's ex say it.
The jury foreman Timothy Alumbaugh said, "There was so much confusion. The prosecutor didn't present the case well. It really boils down to there just wasn't enough to convict him. We couldn't leave and think down the road that we'd sent an innocent man to prison."

A prayer rises for the wrongly represented - whoever they may be. It must be hell.


  1. I deleted the old comment and new one. Really you don't have the RIGHT to come on and insult others while claiming Wheeler is innocent. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? You don't.
    Anybody can say anything but I've decided to not let Wheeler supporters hurt anyone through this blog.


  2. The man was innocent all along...this article was not followed closely poor work

  3. This officer was innocent all along.Very poor artical let this be noted.

  4. I worked with him briefly and treated him poorly because of the accusations. I later found out that he had been found innocent. Not sure how I feel about it all.


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