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Saturday, April 28, 2007

[MN] Ramsey Co. Sheriff Fletcher: Justice for Barbara Winn!


I have looked deeply into the heart of the facts and supporting documents related to the murder of beloved Barbara Winn. After studying the case and talking to people involved, I know the only right action is to charge St. Paul Police Department's Aaron Foster and then step back and let the court do it's job -- find him innocent, or find him guilty.

Listen to Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher!

Online Petition to charge Aaron Foster
[FROM SITE] "On May 8, 1981 Barbara L. Winn was murdered by her boyfriend after she told him to pack his things and move out of her Maplewood, Minnesota home. Barbara's children heard a violent fight between their mother and Aaron Walter Foster, Sr., followed by a gunshot. The children ran, immediately, to their mother's bedroom, and when they arrived, Foster was still in the room, but he left the room and ran downstairs to use the phone. Barbara's children found her standing in a corner of her bedroom...dying from a gunshot wound to her chest. Foster returned to the room and laid Barbara face down on the floor where she died in front of her three children. Foster took the gun from the room and left the residence. He threw the gun out of the car window, went to a nearby store, and returned to Barbara's residence a few minutes later. When police arrived, Foster told them that he had been downstairs packing his belongings in to his car when he heard a gunshot. He stated that he went upstairs to see what had happened and that Barbara told him, "I shot myself...get rid of the gun." Foster told police where to find the gun, which did in fact belong to him. Barbara had cuts, scratches, and bruises on her face and body from the fight she had with Foster moments before she was shot and died. Foster was never charged with Barbara's murder. You will learn a great deal about this case by visiting Barbara's web site: www.justiceforbarbara.com

This case is currently being reviewed by the Anoka County Attorney's Office. Robert Johnson is the Anoka County Attorney, and Bob Goodell is the assistant county attorney who is reviewing the case. Mr. Johnson is expected to make a charging decision very soon. Please sign the petition and let Robert Johnson know that it is time to bring Aaron Walter Foster, Sr. to justice for the murder of Barbara L. Winn. "

Justice For Barbara website

Justice For Barbara Myspace page:



  2. Fletcher: you've restored our faith in the Justice System

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Aaron was just found not guilty! Justice has been served!

  4. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Anonymous said...
    Aaron was just found not guilty! Justice has been served!"

    No...not yet, it hasn't! Foster will pay for murdering Bobbi for the rest of his life, because everyone he meets will know who and what he is.

    Oh, and a piece of advice for you, concerning your boyfriend Foster. Now that he thinks he's above the law, you really might wonder if you'll be Foster's next murder victim. Meanwhile, you might want to get some ice for that eye. Does it hurt as bad as it looks?


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