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Monday, April 23, 2007

[NY][AZ] He said I was taking his life so he had no other options

Woman Describes Hostage Ordeal
KPHO Phoenix, AZ - 7 hours ago
April 23, 2007
A Phoenix mom talked for the first time on Monday about the man who broke into her home April 12 and threatened to kill her, then led police on a two hour standoff before he was shot and killed. Shawn Hughes said everything changed when her two-and-a-half year relationship with Leonard Croskey, a former upstate New York police officer, came to an end.
"Basically he was saying by me leaving I was taking his life away and so he didn't feel like he had any other options... "He wasn't going to try and stop me from yelling anymore, but if I woke up my daughter, he said he he'd kill us both." Hughes insisted this was the first time Croskey had ever shown any signs of violence around her or her daughter.
She said she spent the next seven hours trying to convince him to leave. Around 6 a.m. on April 13, she said Croskey walked out without hurting her or her daughter. Authorities tracked Croskey to his Phoenix apartment a couple miles away where he sat in his SUV holding a gun during a standoff with police... The standoff ended when Croskey allegedly opened fire and officers shot and killed him. Hughes said she knows there's nothing she could have done to prevent what happened.
She said she just wonders how such a good man could suddenly do something so bad. "That's totally opposite of the person I actually knew," Hughes said.
Last post about Croskey is here.


  1. I knew leonard croskey in Albany Ny At the time he was an officer in THE ALBANY POLICE. officer Croskey was also Sgt Croskey in the nysc army national guard assigned to the Core of cadets in which both my step sons were members a unit dedicated to young teens teaching them discipline as children 12 or so to 17. It was intended to give young boys and girls a voluntary format for development in a drug free environment . A great program meeting weekly with summer camp . It was A 1. I attended weekly and in the summer with the boys and the soldiers
    Croskey was a gentleman and an inspiration to the cadets in fact he travelled to my vacation home in Nh as did the other young Sargent at the corps. What happened to this young man I can not say nor ever saw in his conduct though a few years later my step son also a black boy at 19 was shot dead by police in Mattapan mass. Another. terrible tragedy. Jim murphy. Eedward murphy236@gmail.com


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