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Thursday, April 19, 2007

[NY] Albany Officer Croskey threw away his job, then his life

Ex-cop had a troubled history before death
Albany Times Union, NY
By CAROL DeMARE, Staff writer
Wednesday, April 19, 2007
A former Albany cop was shot and killed by Phoenix police Friday after a dispute involving an ex-girlfriend. A similar domestic incident landed him in a New York state prison 11 years ago and ended his law enforcement career. In 1996, Leonard Croskey, then 27 and a patrol officer, pleaded guilty to burglary, admitting he broke into an ex-girlfriend's home. As part of a plea bargain, for which he received a prison term of 1 to 3 years, he resigned from the force... Croskey had been on the Albany force five years. Last week in Phoenix, Croskey, now 38, showed up around 11 p.m. at the home of his 33-year-old ex-girlfriend and held her at gunpoint all night long, threatening to kill her and himself... She was able to talk him into leaving... Phoenix police caught up with him as he was attempting to drive away from his home. During a two-hour standoff, police tried negotiating as Croskey held a gun to his head and threatened suicide. Croskey eventually got out of his car and opened fire on police. Two officers fired back and Croskey was seriously injured and pronounced dead at a hospital... Records at the Albany County jail show Croskey had been held there on at least four separate occasions... On Oct. 27, 1998, after being paroled, Croskey was back behind bars on charges of first-degree burglary, unlawful imprisonment and criminal trespass, jail Superintendent Tom Wigger said Tuesday... and he was turned over to parole officials in May 1999. It is unclear whether he was returned to prison or how the new charges were disposed of. On Aug. 15, 1999, Croskey was again in jail on new charges of burglary, criminal contempt and petit larceny. Two days later, Aug. 17, he was released from custody in Albany City Court...


    The Times Union, (Albany, NY)
    July 15, 1996
    City police arrested one of their own Sunday morning after the officer allegedly assaulted a city man and woman while off-duty... The complaints allege that Croskey, while off-duty, forced his way into the apartment of Donald Ravenell of 49 Westerlo St., and assaulted him before abducting 24-year-old Marcolena Burch from the area and assaulting her while driving in his personal vehicle. Croskey has been charged with three counts of second-degree assault, one count of first-degree burglary and one count of second-degree kidnapping, police said... Chief Kevin M. Tuffey ordered his immediate arrest and suspension when the investigation indicated the officer's involvement... "The Albany Police Department considers domestic violence a serious issue and anyone involved in this crime will be held accountable"...

    The Times Union, (Albany, NY)
    July 16, 1996
    An Albany police officer who faces assault and burglary charges was transferred Monday to the Schoharie County Jail for security reasons, Sheriff James L. Campbell said... Judge Stephen Herrick issued two restraining orders Monday requiring Croskey to stay away from Donald Ravenell of 49 Westerlo St. and Marcolena Burch... Croskey could be reinstated, Bowen said, only if "totally cleared of all criminal and departmental charges"...

    The Times Union, (Albany, NY)
    July 18, 1996
    TRACEY TULLY Staff writer

    ALBANY -- Two city residents who have accused an off-duty Albany police officer of assault and kidnapping opened the door Wednesday for a potential lawsuit against the city.

    Lawyer Terence Kindlon filed notices of claim with the city's corporation counsel on behalf of Marcolena Burch and Donald Ravenell, who were allegedly assaulted Sunday by Officer Leonard Croskey... Croskey is accused of forcing his way into Ravenell's Westerlo Street apartment with pepper spray, assaulting Ravenell and then claiming to have a warrant for the arrest of Burch, who was taken away in handcuffs and allegedly assaulted... Kindlon said the officer's actions -- and his use of pepper spray and handcuffs -- raise questions about whether Croskey was acting "under the color of law"...

    The Times Union
    August 6, 1996
    TRACEY TULLY Staff writer
    ALBANY -- A suspended Albany police officer who was arrested several weeks ago and charged with assault, burglary and kidnapping is back in jail. Leonard Croskey, 27, was charged Sunday with peeking into the bedroom window of a Westerlo Street apartment in violation of an order of protection...

    The Times Union, (Albany, NY)
    August 9, 1996
    CAROL DEMARE Staff writer
    After two hearings in two days, a judge has revoked the bail of a suspended city police officer and ordered him held in jail on charges of assault, burglary, kidnapping and violating a court order...

    The Times Union, (Albany, NY)
    August 24, 1996
    MICHAEL LOPEZ Staff writer
    ALBANY -- A city police officer Friday pleaded guilty to felony burglary and resigned from the force, part of a plea bargain to satisfy charges that he assaulted an ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. Leonard Croskey, 27, is expected to serve 1 to 3 years... "I don't know how I feel. This is still a shocking experience," Ravenell said after Croskey's court appearance. He said he hopes "police officers will learn from the experience, that they can't go around abusing (people). And I hope he learns a lesson and gets the professional help he needs. To be obsessed over a woman who doesn't want you, that's sick"... The plea satisfies these charges: three counts of second-degree assault, first-degree burglary and second-degree kidnapping, harassment and disobeying a mandate...

  2. I knew leonard Croskey when he was a sargent in the reserves and mentored kids in the core of cadets one of them my step son. He was a gentle orderly caring guy who went one time to my vacation home in New Hampshire. I am sad so sad that such a pmicing man so young came to such an end. He could have been anyones son jim murphy


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