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Saturday, April 12, 2008

[IL] Resigned Sgt. Peterson - the problem is everyone & everything but him

Peterson airs his complaints to Larry King
Joliet Herald News, IL

By JOE HOSEY jhosey@scn1.com
April 11, 2008
Common people may get to beat their wives -- but the men in blue can't. "As a police officer, we don't have the same abilities to do things as a common person," Drew Peterson pointed out during his appearance on the "Larry King Live" show Friday night. While one of the things police officers are deprived of, Peterson seemed to be saying, is committing domestic battery, this is but a single example of the hardships endured by former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson. Peterson, whose fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, vanished Oct. 28, also suffered a troubling marriage with the missing woman in no small part because she was "under psychiatric care and she was medicated"... Peterson must deal with a biased press corps intent on making him the bad guy in his fourth wife's disappearance and the mysterious death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio... "Sinister sells better." Then there's the stepbrother who supposedly told his buddy he helped Peterson move a barrel that may have contained Stacy's body. Peterson tried to be understanding about his stepbrother, Thomas Morphey, since the man had emotional and financial troubles, he said... Peterson also complained he was engaged to a woman now so bitter about their break-up more than 25 years ago that she is going on television and telling lies about him. And speaking of lying, he told about Sharon Bychowski, the lady next door who is not only lying, he says, but also harassing him and upsetting his children. "Sharon next door has been acting emotionally disturbed, I guess"... Besides the unreliable and volatile people in Peterson's life, there are inanimate objects, such as polygraph machines, which also cannot be trusted, which is why he will not submit to a lie-detector test... Peterson said he happened to be fast asleep when Stacy abandoned him and their children to indulge herself in an adulterous affair... The state police named Peterson a suspect in Stacy's disappearance... The state police have not named anyone a suspect in the Savio homicide... "There will never be a charge against Drew," [Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky] said. "Never"... [Full article here]

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