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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Texas isn't playing around with Deputy Elliot's threats!

..."As a part of the plea agreement, he will voluntarily surrender his Texas peace officer's license for the rest of his life"...

Texas law enforcement agencies repeatedly - at least in the news - are the most aggressive for dismissing law enforcement officers that commit crimes. I wonder if they encircle and protect the victims too. A law enforcement officer losing his job is no consolation to the people who fear them. The state of mind, tactical training, and often connection to the brotherhood - remains.

Patrol deputy pleads to witness tampering, retaliation

Marshall News Messenger, TX
Monday, April 14, 2008
A former Harrison County patrol deputy surrendered his peace officer's license Monday in a plea agreement that will also net him six months in the local jail. Thomas Durand Elliott, 32, entered a guilty plea in 71st District Court to tampering with a witness and no contest to a charge of retaliation... Elliott was going through a "complicated divorce. As a result of that, he attempted to bribe a witness who had filed charges against him"... Elliott also "threatened to kill a man if he did not leave his ex-wife alone"... Elliott will serve an additional six months in county jail after which he will be placed on probation for five years. He will pay a $1,000 fine, continue psychiatric counseling for a year, complete 400 hours community service and have no contact with his former wife, except for child custody matters. He is also prohibited from having contact with the victim of the threat. "As a part of the plea agreement, he will voluntarily surrender his Texas peace officer's license for the rest of his life," [District Attorney Joe] Black said. The DA said Elliott's actions were no different than those of many others involved in a divorce, except "he became more possessive, placing individuals in fear. "We discussed the plea agreement with the victims and they both felt this was the best outcome," Black said... [Full article here]

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  1. thank you so much for adding this and the supportive words you added to the beginning of this segment. I am the victim in this case and I live in constant fear of my ex-husband. He is now in prison but will be up for parole soon. I ask that everyone pray that he is denied parole and stays incarcerated for the sake of myself and most of all my precious daughter. I know that when he gets out he will try to find us and we are in grave danger. I lived through his horrors until he was finally arrested. Thank your for your never ending prayers. God bless you.


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