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Monday, April 21, 2008

[OH] Officer Hodge's wife says he needs to be stopped

...She told investigators that her estranged husband is out of control and needs to be stopped... Following the attack, Dawn Hodge filed for a domestic protection order... She had also filed for protection orders twice in late February, but both requests were rejected due to lack of evidence...


...William and Dawn Hodge have a history of problems in their marriage dating back to 1997...

Wakeman cop charged with assault
The Chronicle-Telegram
Jason Hawk
Apr 19, 2008
ELYRIA TWP. - An off-duty Wakeman police officer attacked his estranged wife's roommate and yelled racial slurs at him Friday while several children being car-pooled to school watched, a county sheriff's report said. "You're dead, n--," the Wakeman officer yelled, the report said. William C. Hodge, 35, of Sheffield Township, was charged with assault, aggravated menacing and criminal damaging. He was taken to the county jail and later released. Hodge and his wife, Dawn Hodge, 32, filed for divorce Feb. 21, according to court documents. Dawn Hodge was dropping off her children and others she babysits about 8:45 a.m. Friday at St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School with her roommate, 26-year-old Byron Hendon of Lorain, sheriff's deputies said. One of the children - all of whom were between 2 and 5 years old - had already exited the Chevrolet Astro van when William Hodge walked up and threw his Wakeman police badge and ID at his wife, the report said. "I'm already going to jail, so you should take these," he told his wife, according to investigators. Then, William Hodge threw open the passenger-side door, grabbed Hendon by the shirt and tried to punch him, the report said. Hendon told deputies he pushed William Hodge out of the van with Dawn Hodge's help, but he tried to get back in through a half-opened window. Hendon said he and Dawn Hodge tried to drive away with William Hodge still hanging off the door and kicking dents in it. Several children were still inside the vehicle during the alleged attack, and there could be additional charges of endangering children, the report said. After screaming the n-word at Hendon again, the Wakeman officer let go of the van and tumbled to the ground, the report said. Hendon jumped out and started running, jumping a playground fence in an attempt to get away because he thought his pursuer had a gun, deputies said. "It's over, n--, it's done today," William Hodge yelled, the report said. Hendon told deputies he has been threatened and assaulted by his roommate's husband in the past and fears William Hodge will eventually kill someone. Dawn Hodge said her estranged husband "is losing his mind" and becoming increasingly dangerous, the report said. On several occasions in the past, William Hodge asked her to take his service weapon and shoot him in the head, she told deputies. Other times, he pointed the gun at his head and said he would end it, she said. She told investigators that her estranged husband is out of control and needs to be stopped. Deputies found William Hodge at Oakwood Plaza on Pearl Avenue in Lorain. Sheriff's deputies said while he was being booked, he repeatedly said he "is losing it and needs help" and said he was thinking about suicide. Following the attack, Dawn Hodge filed for a domestic protection order against her husband in Lorain County Common Pleas Court. She had also filed for protection orders twice in late February, but both requests were rejected due to lack of evidence, court records show... [Full article here]


Wakeman police officer denies using racial epithet
William Hodge pleads not guilty to assault
The Chronicle-Telegram Staff
Tuesday April 22 2008
...He also said Monday that he has been under tremendous pressure since filing for divorce from his wife in February and that he told deputies booking him into the county jail that he wanted to talk to someone about it... William and Dawn Hodge have a history of problems in their marriage dating back to 1997, less than a year after their September 1996 wedding... She also filed for divorce in 1998 and 1999, although the couple got back together after each filing... Hodge said Monday that he also will leave his volunteer firefighter position with the Sheffield Township Fire Department... [Full article here]

Police officer makes death threat, racist remarks
Sandusky Register
Tuesday April 22 2008, 1:27pm
...During the attack, Hodge, who is white, allegedly shouted "you're (a) dead nigger," and "it's over nigger, it's done today," a police report states... "I think this has been an ongoing husband-and-wife dispute, and I don't know if there was any actual cause that set it off to this degree. I just know there's been ongoing problems," said Lorain County Sheriff's Sgt. Donald Barker. Wakeman police Chief Tim Hunker was not available for comment Monday afternoon, but has told other news outlets that Hodge is resigning. [Full article here]


  1. let me start off by saying that the guy that this woman is sleeping with has been after this officer and this officer has made several attempts to take it to the courts and to local law enforcement authorities but they just laughed at him....take a look at the mental instability of the wife..oh i forgot...they dont put that in the news huh...that wont sell ....and as the papers say.."He needs to be stopped" if you dont know this officer dont judge him....im tired as a citizen that all the time you hear about these kinds of problems they dont get the officers side...dont get me wrong..there are alot of bad ones out there but in the same token there are some good ones too..like this officer...

  2. That was a lousy weak attempt. Sad sad.
    Before you use that again, know that all psycho husbands say their wives have mental problems as an explanation why she'd accuse the bum - cop or not. Creepy is creepy and this starts OUT creepy -

    An off-duty Wakeman police officer attacked his estranged wife's roommate and yelled racial slurs at him Friday while several children being car-pooled to school watched.

    Do all the kids have mental problems too.
    Everybody but you?

  3. dear anonymous,

    unless you are either a person who dispises police officers in the first place or have a grudge aainst them you need help too....all you get is the story behind the newspaper..unless you was actually there and i was actually there..you dont know stink from yourself...thats why this guy went into the pros office and told them he wanted to drop the charges...and in cort testimony the soon to be ex-wife was sitting less than 2 feet away from the person this officer so called used racist words to and she testified that she did not hear this officer use any racial remarks.......so it appears to me that this officer deserves an apology from every one that sees him in a different way than a good person...and too bad you cant access the hospital records from lorain county and you will see for yourself how sane the ex-wife really is or isn't doorknob...if you would like to debate it even more please feel free to leave another comment and i will place you in the hole that you came up from......Charles

  4. to the anonymous that posted on the 8th....YOU!!! Need to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you people know how to do is bash other people...You should be working or something else instead of bashing people. You should apologize to this officer for being so unremarkably rude...i dont normally come on these sites but when i heard about how people are inconsiderate i had to check it out for myself....I have known this guy for over 20 years and he has friends that are of different nationalities. The so called victim used the racial card because he knew this officer had alot to loose and other than using that he wouldnt have gotten nowhere... OH YAH>>> heres a tidbit for ya>>>>one day in Feb 08 he was picking his kids up at school when oh my god who did he see driving his other car....the loverboy himself...hmmmmmmmm....he asked him to get out of his car and he refused!!! let me say that again REFUSED!!!!!! so an off-duty deputy sheriff was there and asked him to leave the car...get this....he walked 9 blocks in less than 4 minutes to call the sheriffs dept to say MR.Hodge PULLED HIM FROM THE VEHICLE!!!!!!!! which by confirmation from the off duty officer that it never happened... so....from that day on he concoted a plan to get back at MR.Hodge.I KNOW>>I WAS A WITNESS>>>>>thats why MR.Hodge only was charged with DCP and Att.Assault....AND will FINALLY GET RID OF HIS WIFE!!!!!! Congrats Bill....Hope you flourish and make thier jaws drop.......Kim

  5. I'm African American and can tell you having friends of different nationalities is not a proof against racism.

    You sound fanatical and not quite credible.

  6. well anonymous that posted on the 5th...Why dont you leave your name huh? I Did...and i can give you my address too if you want it.....I agree that even if you have friends that are different nationalities that doesnt make you a racist....BUT.......All the people get is the paper clippings that they read and they read into it.....making the life HELL for an innocent person...I know this guys soon to be ex-wife and let me tell you this officer is innocent.. If you look at the papers she tried to have the officer arrested again for domestic violence and it was dropped because what the people and paper wont print it was false accusations!!!!!!!im not on his side and im surely not on her side but everybody needs to get the real facts before we go to much farther bashing this officer...Because of all of this he is afraid to get back into law enforcement...so i hope the false accustaions that the accuser and other people can pat themselves on the back and actually run across a real racist police officer out there.......


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