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Saturday, October 18, 2008

[CA] Officer Steve Lo murdered. Co-worker's husband, Deputy Vue being investigated.

Steve Lo

...The possible motive in Lo's killing is said to be a "personal relationship" that may have become an issue between the two men...

News10.net, CA
Mark Hedlund
Oct 17, 2008
[Excerpts] A Sacramento County deputy has been placed on administrative leave as he's investigated in connection with a state correctional officer's murder, according to law enforcement sources. That deputy, a 13-year veteran of the department, is being investigated in connection with Wednesday morning's murder of state prison correctional officer Steve Lo, sources confirmed. The 39-year-old married father of five was gunned down in front of his Sacramento home as he left for work. The sources told News10 a search warrant was served Wednesday night at the Elk Grove home of the deputy, who works at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in south Sacramento... The possible motive in Lo's killing is said to be a "personal relationship" that may have become an issue between the two men... "They have a happy family, they go boating on the weekend. They've got kids, they take the kids to school. They seem to be a very happy couple," said one neighbor, Kent Hubbs. Learning of the deputy being investigated, Hubbs said, "That's very bizarre to me. That's quite bizarre." The deputy's wife is a state correctional officer who works at CMF, Vacaville, the same prison as Lo, according to law enforcement sources... Although officers served the search warrants, a source close to the investigation confirmed to News10 that the deputy was at work at a fixed post when the murder occurred. Sacramento police, investigating the murder, admitted they've served warrants in the case. However, they won't say where or how many, nor will they confirm the deputy is under investigation. "We have several people that we're looking at, several different sources and whatnot. So we can't confirm just one person," said police spokeswoman Michelle Lazark. "There's no curtain of secrecy here. We just want to be thorough, we want to do our best to investigate this so this is fair," she said... [Full article here]

Oct 17, 2008
A Sacramento County Sheriff's department deputy, Chu Vue, has been placed on administrative leave while he is being investigated in connection with the shooting death of correctional officer Steven Lo, according to sources. The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is not commenting on the case, saying it is not within their jurisdiction. Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy, Chu Vue's daughter says Sac PD Crime Scene investigators showed up at his Elk Grove home the night of the shooting... Sources tell CBS13 that the deputy works at the Rio Consumnes Correctional Center. His wife, according to the family and neighbors, is a correctional officer at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Sources tell CBS13, that is the same place where Officer Lo worked before he was murdered... [Full article here]

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  1. State of California

    Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Death of Officer Steve Lo

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today released the following statement regarding the death of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Officer Steve Lo, of Sacramento, CA:

    "We are forever grateful for Officer Steve Lo's dedication to serving our state while working at the California Medical Facility. Maria and I are deeply saddened by this tragedy and his commitment will never be forgotten. We send our thoughts and prayers to Steve's family, friends and fellow officers as they mourn this terrible loss."

    Lo, 39, died on October 15 after being shot in the garage of his home. He is a three-year veteran of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Lo is survived by his wife and five children.

    In honor of Officer Lo, Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff.



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