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Sunday, April 16, 2006

CBS Producer Paul LaRosa takes on female personas to promote his book?

CBS Producer, now author, Paul LaRosa has been promoting his book about a murder-suicide that happened in my home town Tacoma, where our Police Chief David Brame repeatedly threatened, and finally did commit murder suicide on his wife, Crystal. Mr. LaRosa however believes that the shooting was triggered by Crystal herself. Both shots. According to Mr. LaRosa that makes more sense. According to me, he has completely misrepresented the facts in order to finally get a book published (after several failed attempts) and at the same time appease the part of himself that disdains men always getting blamed for everything.

If you read the book, the inference is more subtle, but I have transcribed his promo appearances where he speaks what's really in that mind much more clearly. He says that Crystal "probably exaggerated" the threats in her divorce papers... she probably didn't "REALLY think" that David would kill her..." and, "If she was really so afraid of him, why did she...?"

I'm prone to start explaining it all here, but if it interests you, the whole dialogue between Mr. LaRosa and myself - including my discovering him to be deceptively using female identities on the internet to promote his own book, is on the Court TV discussion thread "Tacoma Confidential by Paul LaRosa".

I highly recommend you come see for yourself how he responds to me. You will be surprised. But there's over a hundred posts there, and though personally I think it's ALL very interesting :) if you want to get right to seeing if it's true about Mr. LaRosa violating the ethics of his own journalistic profession by deceptively using female identities to soften up females to his ideas - and ultimately for his own profit, go here, and here in the thread. And if you think it just can't be true, check out his replies! Amazing.

Someone there, amazed, wrote to Mr. LaRosa, "I for the life of me can not understand the lies and deceitful ways that SOME writers exhibit while getting information and promoting their books. My question to you is why? Why go to those lengths?"

Mr. LaRosa actually offers a reason - "...first time authors get no money for publicity so must try different methods."

I think in total, what he is doing is awful. He uses the same deceptive means to put the book toGETHer as he does to promote it. It's a matter of character. (SUE ME!!!!)

In a recent post there I wrote:

"...She wasn't believed when she was alive,
and there is a handful of you
that don't believe her even now..."

(How dead does she have to be before he can hear?)

This isn't he-said, she-said. I know this case. Mr. LaRosa has twisted truth to make his belief appear plausible - leaving OUT the parts of the investigation that don't support the hook for his book, and treating other unproven things as if they are fact, then building on them. His response is "Read the book, decide for yourselves" - but from me to you - the book only gives the reader what Mr. LaRosa wants the reader to see.

Currently the Court TV forum board is not taking posts, so we are at a standstill, but hopefully after Easter week they will revive the board. I was just setting up to show what is not true in "Tacoma Confidential" by taking a closer look at the statements of the "eyewitness" he uses to push his ideas. He is going to say I'm biased and on the take - but as he would say "Let the reader decide."

This is a picture of the button on his website that you have to press to buy his book:

'Nuff $aid.

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