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Saturday, April 15, 2006

[NV] DV call to Officer Shultz's home ends with arrest for drugs, resignation

April 13, 2006
You can't be probed by internal investigations if you don't work for the police department anymore, right? Seems that's the escape hatch. You perpetrate, quit, then get hired on as an officer elsewhere - and the new agency (far too often) purposely doesn't ask the old agency too many questions. The old agency, likewise, doesn't volunteer too much. It's the way it's put together in most places.
Not all, but most.
The photo is of Las Vegas Metro Police Officer "Mike Shultz" according to the article I read, but the picture had an alternate spelling (Schultz - with a "c"). It was only a few sentences. So I scrubbed the internet and still - couldn't find another word.
Just Mike (presuming that's Michael) slipping quietly out the back door to most likely pop up elsewhere.
The police, the article says were called to his house on a domestic violence call, but he was arrested for drug possession, and resigned.
Now if the charges are quietly dropped...
which is often, too often,
the case,
I'll be watching.
If he pops up, I'll bang my pots and pans in the town square.
Nobody listens, but I'll be there.

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