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Monday, April 17, 2006


APD Cop kills son, then self
September 21, 2004
[GA] Albany, Georgia -- A little after four Tuesday afternoon Albany Police Corporal Andrew Hayslip and his ex-girlfriend argued outside a Dougherty County Extended Day School building on South Monroe Street. Hayslip opened fire. He killed his young son and wounded the child's mother and then killed himself. Albany Police surrounded the old school building, rushing to a shooting. They discovered it was one of their own... Hayslip was a 15 year veteran of the force, but was arrested March 31, 2003 for domestic violence. He was charged with terroristic threats, Battery, and cruelty to children. Hayslip went through pre-trial intervention, and was allowed to continue working as a patrol officer...

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"...Andrew and Austin Hayslip are dead now, but maybe something can be salvaged from two wasted lives. Maybe we can look closer at the people we care about, and see the things we may not want to see. Maybe someone can have the courage to stand up, to help someone they love get the help they need..."
(source: Look closely at what's in the mirror, By Mark Passwaters of The Navasota Examiner on 9/29/04)

  ((( x )))  here is the spot of my deleted poem
written after gazing for a long time into the picture of Austin. 

It turned into a prayer, 
and became really private between God and me. 
I'm smiling; wiping the tears.
My mind has become a living memorial.
It's keeping everybody,
singularly and sacredly remembered,
celebrated and mourned.
Not sad.
More "holy."
Never heavier
than God's grace will allow,

or strengthen me,

to carry.

Their memory
and my outrage -
a soft
and deliberate remembering of the loss -
has swollen my river
I can't fathom holding
any more love
than this.

Each time

Note: I followed this shooting when it happened and posted on it at the time on a yahoo oidv group. I'm moving Austin's murder to this blog - because I really won't ever forget.
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  1. OFFICER PROBED IN VIOLENT DISPUTE: A police officer facing felony charges is kept on active duty while awaiting the outcome of an internal investigation.
    Albany Herald
    Brian Russell
    April 2, 2003
    [Excerpts] An Albany police officer is the focus of an internal investigation following a dispute with his ex-girlfriend involving their 3-year-old child. Andrew Hayslip, a corporal with the Albany Police Department, told Dougherty County police he went to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Ladonna Wilkerson, Sunday afternoon... Wilkerson had received "superficial injuries"... After giving his statement, Hayslip was arrested on the misdemeanor charge of battery and felony charges of terroristic threats and acts and cruelty to children... Wilkerson told investigators Hayslip approached her as she held their son and, before words were exchanged, immediately began hitting her. Roberts and Hayslip began pushing each other after that, according to Wilkerson's account. When the pushing subsided, Wilkerson alleges Hayslip said he was going to kill Roberts... One of Wilkerson's neighbors who said he heard a commotion and caught the end of the incident told police he heard Andrew Hayslip say the incident was not settled... Hayslip is still on active duty with the Albany Police Department pending the results of an internal affairs investigation...

    Albany Herald
    April 9, 2003
    [Excerpts] Charges against an Albany police officer will be dismissed after he completes a program chiefly meant for first-time offenders, the district attorney said. All but one of the warrants charging Cpl. Andrew Hayslip in connection with a dispute with his ex-girlfriend have been dismissed, said District Attorney Ken Hodges. When Hayslip successfully completes his pretrial intervention program, the final charge will be dismissed... Hayslip was arrested by Dougherty County police on the misdemeanor charge of battery and felony charges of terroristic threats and acts and cruelty to children... This intervention program would have been suggested even if Hayslip were not a police officer, Hodges said.

    September 21, 2004
    The former Phoenix School on Mercer Avenue was the scene of a murder-suicide Tuesday afternoon. An Albany Police officer shot his estranged girlfriend, then entered the school building and shot his son in the back. He then killed himself with his pistol. Albany Police held a press conference shortly before 6:00PM, and said that the GBI was in charge of the investigation. The officer is one who had been previously arrested on a domestic violence charge, but that is not official at this time. Multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene, including the State Patrol, APD, Sheriff's deputies, and detectives. The officer was at the school to pick up the child when his mother arrived. The man and woman got into an argument, and he pulled his weapon and shot her, then shot his son as he tried to run away. He then shot and killed himself. The woman was shot through at least one hand as she tried to defend herself from the gunfire. Her condition is not known at this time, but she is alive.

    COP KILLS SON, SELF: Authorities had been warned about an Albany police corporal's violent tendencies toward his estranged girlfriend before Tuesday's fatal shootings.
    Albany Herald
    Elsbesth Willey & Brian Russell
    22 September 2004
    [Excerpts] A uniformed Albany police officer with a history of domestic violence killed his 4-year-old son and shot his estranged girlfriend before taking his own life Tuesday on the grounds of an Albany school. Cpl. Andrew Hayslip, 37, was picking up his son, Austin Hayslip, from the Dougherty County Pre-K Program at 400 S. Monroe St. at about 4 p.m. Tuesday when he was met by his estranged girlfriend, Ladonna Wilkerson, said Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department. The two argued and Hayslip shot Wilkerson, Singleton said. As she and Austin ran from Hayslip, the officer fatally shot his 4-year-old son in the back, witnesses inside the school said. Hayslip then turned the gun on himself. "You shot my baby! You shot my baby!" were the cries teacher Julie Sellers heard from the desperate mother... Authorities had been warned about the Hayslip's violent tendencies in April 2003 by a man who said the officer threatened to kill him. Hayslip, however, was allowed to remain with the department despite the charges. "To think he is still carrying a gun legally, scares me," wrote Stanley Roberts in court documents filed in April 2003. Hayslip confronted Roberts after the officer saw Roberts standing with Wilkerson and Austin. "I'm not too sure about the sentence, but I don't think he should be carrying a gun," Roberts wrote. "The next time he's emotionally hurt he may carry out his threat"...

    Kathryn Murchison
    September 22, 2004
    [Excerpts] The City Manager is investigating the background of Corporal Andrew Hayslip to make sure the City didn't miss any signs that something like this could happen. Janice Allen Jackson's staff is looking through years of files to see if he was appropriately punished for his 2003 battery related arrest. "I've pulled all the internal affairs records in regards to his domestic violence incident in 2003. We're researching everything related to that to make sure that was handled in accordance with procedures"...

    Dave Miller
    September 22, 2004
    [Excerpts] Wednesday morning, burglars broke into Officer Andrew Hayslip's East Albany apartment, and ransacked it. Neighbors told Investigators they heard someone kick Hayslip's apartment front door in about three A.M., but did not look out or call Police. APD officers, already stunned by yesterday's murder suicide, showed emotional strain as they investigated the burglary. "We have no idea what's missing," said APD Captain Darryl Smith. "No idea of any suspects or anything, at this point" ...

  5. COMMUNITY GRAPPLES WITH LOSSES:Experts say job stresses and obligations can lead public safety officers to violent, emotional outbursts.
    Albany Herald
    Brian Russell & Elsbeth Willey
    Thursday, September 23, 2004
    [Excerpts] Colleagues, friends and investigators are left to wonder why after a man described by many as a well-liked and outstanding officer snapped Tuesday. Andrew Hayslip, a 37-year-old father of three, fired at and wounded his estranged girlfriend, shot and killed their child, and then ended his own life on the grounds of the young boy's Pre-K school. "This is such an aberration it is beyond ... it's like 9-11 "there was no way to predict someone would fly an airplane into the World Trade Center," said District Attorney Ken Hodges. Hodges recommended that Hayslip, previously cited for domestic violence in April 2003, be allowed to enter a pretrial intervention program in order for the charges against him to be dismissed pending his completion. A man accused Hayslip of threatening to kill him after the officer spotted the man with his estranged girlfriend, LaDonna Wilkerson, and his son, Austin Hayslip. Through the pretrial intervention program, Hayslip completed an eight-session anger management program through Greenleaf Counseling Center. Hayslip was not given pretrial intervention just because he was an officer, Hodges said... While initial reports by witnesses were that Austin had been shot in the back, Albany Police Major Karen Majors said Wednesday afternoon that it appears the boy had been struck in the chest. His body is in the custody of the GBI Crime Laboratory in Moultrie... Added pressure comes when these officers become involved in romantic relationships, said Lindon Storm, the director of TEAM EAP, a group that handles counseling referrals of city employees. His clients include members of the Albany Police Department. "In order to be successful, they have to be married to the job before they're married to the wife," Storm said...

    September 24, 2004
    [Excerpts] The Albany Police are releasing some facts about Tuesday's murder suicide by an Albany Police officer, because they say they are concerned by rumors in the community. Police report there is no videotape of Corporal Andrew Hayslip shooting his wife, and killing their four year old son and himself... Rumors have floated that Corporal Andrew Hayslip's Police car camera recorded the entire incident. Albany Police today report the camera was turned on 10 minutes after the shooting. APD Major Karen Majors said, "When the officers removed his gunbelt, somebody accidentally turned the video camera on. So the video that was on there was actually shows the officers trying to resuscitate Officer Hayslip at the scene."... The woman shot by Corporal Hayslip, LaDonna Wilkerson, was released from the hospital Thursday night. Friends at her home said Wilkerson would not speak to the media... Several Albany Police officers have worn black ribbons on their badges this week to honor Corporal Hayslip, but it was voluntary...

  6. TROUBLE PLAGUED OFFICER While a motive for a murder- suicide remains unknown, public records show signs of distress in an Albany officer's life.
    The Albany Herald
    Brian Russell
    Friday, September 24, 2004
    [Excerpts] Many remain stunned after a well-liked and well-regarded officer shot and killed his 4-year-old son before turning the gun on himself Tuesday at the child's Pre-K school. While no one might know the motive behind Tuesday's apparent slaying-suicide, an examination of his life through public records shows a series of recent strains in Andrew Hayslip's finances, job and intimate relationships... Hayslip, a divorcĂ© and a father of three, had been cited in March 2003 for an incident involving Wilkerson and a man who was with her and Austin... Court documents show Hayslip, 37, had recently been involved in a child support case with Wilkerson involving Austin, and was ordered to pay $365.50 a month in child support. Those payments began Sept. 1... Hayslip's expenses already exceeded his income before that child support order. With a monthly post-tax salary of $1,953, the police corporal was already paying about $650 toward child support for his two girls, ages 12 and 5, according to the affidavit. Hayslip was also making regular payments toward his debt from a September 2001 bankruptcy. With $4,000 worth of listed assets — his vehicle and home furnishings — Hayslip was $6,500 in debt after three years of payments... Hayslip said, his average monthly expenses ran $2,179 a month, or $226 more than what he made... Hayslip had also been part of a dispute spanning from January to the end of August at his job regarding an incident in which he parked in a supervisor's parking spot. A captain in the department accused Hayslip of being disrespectful after being told to move his patrol car from the spot. The captain said Hayslip was belligerent, stood face-to-face with him and appeared like he might throw a punch... city manager ultimately gave Hayslip a one-day suspension....

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