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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

[CT] Zero-tolerance for dv on Bridgeport Police sought

Domestic violence policy sought for police
By AARON LEO aleo@ctpost.com
[EXCERPTS] People with a record of domestic violence should be barred from the city's police force, according to two City Council members. Robert S. Walsh and Elaine Pivirotto, both D-132, have renewed their call for the Board of Police Commissioners to adopt a "zero-tolerance" policy among the ranks of city law-enforcement personnel... Their proposed domestic violence policy for police personnel is BASED ON GUIDELINES FROM THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE. Walsh blasted the police board for not yet adopting it. "Not only have they failed to act on the matter but chose last week to ignore the chief's recommended disciplinary action," he said. The council members' proposal was referred to the Public Safety Committee, which next meets April 3, Walsh said...


  1. 132nd District

    Robert S. Walsh (D)
    56 Redding Place
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
    (203) 368-0014 Res.

    Elaine Pivirotto (D)
    2625 Park Avenue Unit 9E
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
    (203) 336-2843 Res.

    Cops' jobs on line in domestic cases
    Connecticut Post, CT - 13 hours ago
    AARON LEO aleo@ctpost.com
    Article Last Updated: 04/03/2007 11:43:58 PM EDT

    BRIDGEPORT — A call for a zero-tolerance policy toward police officers involved in domestic violence, with penalties up to and including loss of their jobs, will be reviewed by the City Council.

    The council's Public Safety and Transportation Committee endorsed a resolution asking the Board of Police Commissioners to adopt the strict policy of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. The police board, which sets department policy, is not obligated to abide by the resolution.

    The IACP standards bar departments from hiring people with a domestic violence background, promoting officers involved in domestic violence and terminating those convicted of it.

    "We will be sending a strong message to the Board of Police Commissioners to act and to act now," said City Council member Elaine Pivirotto, D-132, who co-sponsored the resolution with her colleague, Robert S. Walsh.

    It must get the full council's approval to advance to the police board.

    Thomas L. Kanasky Jr., board chairman, said the panel would review the IACP policy when it is presented.

    Walsh, acknowledging the police board's independence, said making the IACP standards a city ordinance, which is stronger than a resolution, could pose legal problems.

    Domestic violence by police officers has been in the spotlight since 2005, with revelations that Deputy Police Chief Anthony S. Armeno, acting as chief and a candidate for the permanent job, was docked vacation days, but never arrested, for allegedly assaulting a female colleague several times.

    He was not chosen as chief because he scored too low on the exam, but critics wanted him barred on the domestic violence issue alone.

    On March 16, a police board disciplinary committee suspended Officer Douglas Bepko for seven months without pay on departmental violations after he was arrested on domestic violence charges Nov. 3, 2006. He will be fired if convicted on any of the charges in court, the board ruled. The case is pending.

    Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood wanted the board to fire Bepko.

    The woman Bepko is accused of punching, choking and kicking attended the council committee meeting Monday, but did not speak. The chief severed contact with the board after the Bepko ruling and hasn't publicly commented since. The chief, who took over in April 2006, couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday night.

    Kanasky said he hasn't heard from Norwood.

    Meanwhile, at the committee meeting, Associate City Attorney Melanie Howlett said she would study departments that use the IACP policy and talk to the state Attorney General's Office.

    Walsh and Pivirotto had urged the police board in December 2005 to adopt the policy, but Kanasky said the request never made it to him.

    Walsh added at the committee meeting that they have the power to recommend to the mayor whom to appoint to boards and commissions.

    "Any reappointment, you have the hammer to make this happen. If they hedge, if they hesitate, you reject that appointment," he said.

    The council meets April 16 at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

    Aaron Leo, who covers regional issues, can be reached at 330-6222.

  2. update on Bepko : http://neighbors.denverpost.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13676747

    Judge reinstate officer after he was guilty of DV
    how disgusting

  3. I cannot believe this. I can, but I can't. I was collecting news before I really shifted to this blog and have a lot of collected news on Bepko, so watch the blog the next couple of days. It's a sad sad sad event for Bridgeport and everyone who worked so hard to get him out the door.


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