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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[FL] Zero tolerance for Trooper Kane's assault on pregnant wife

(In officer-involved domestic violence watch for tactical training misplaced, and wonder why their hands are not considered legal weapons.)

Excerpt from March 11, 2007, arrest affidavit of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Kane:

"...Mrs. Roberts/Kane stated the defendant then approached her,
grabbed her arms together, causing a bracelet on her right wrist to break. Mrs. Roberts/Kane reported the defendant then threw her to the floor, grabbed her around the neck in a head lock and held her on the ground. Mrs. Roberts/Kane stated she screamed to her eight year old son to get her cell phone and call 911. Mrs. Roberts/Kane stated the defendant then told their son to give him the cell phone. Mrs. Roberst/Kane stated she told her son don't give the phone to him", referring to his father, just call 911. Mrs. Roberts/Kane stated the defendant has thrown her around one time before and told her "If you call the cops they won't believe you because I'm a cop." Mrs. Roberts/Kane reported she is seven months pregnant.

I then spoke to the eight year old ___, son of Mr. & Mrs. Kane, explained while he was washing his lunch plate he heard his mother calling for him to get her cell phone and call 911. ___ stated after he got his mom's cell phone and ran into the living room
he observed his dad choking his mother on the floor. ___ described that his dad had his hands around his mother's neck. ___ also stated he observed his dad holding his mother around the stomach area, where his new son is..."

FHP trooper charged with beating pregnant wife resigns
Bradenton Herald, FL - 2 hours ago
March 13, 2007
...An FHP sergeant went to the house as police arrested Kane. Maj. Ernesto Duarte, chief of public affairs for the agency, said Kane submitted his resignation at the scene. "He was very aware the agency has a zero-tolerance policy against domestic violence"...

There are some right answers but not very many happy endings in domestic violence.
This is tragic.
Hold them all in your prayers.

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  1. My LEO would ALWAYS say.............WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? THE POLICE? I AM THE POLICE! I see a pattern here!


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