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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[NC] Another suicide that won't die. Patsy Tinsley Bradley

I've been watching this case for awhile. Ex top-cop of Woodfin North Carolina, Pete Bradley, was convicted of assaulting his wife - convicted - after she was dead - of abuse he committed on her while she was still alive. How did she die? The coroner "called" her death a suicide, but it's not an official ruling. The cause given by the coroner for Patsy's death was "depression and domestic discord."

The chief appealed the conviction and his trial is in progress now:

Testimony in trial of former Woodfin police chief continues
March 28, 2007
Testimony continued today in the trial of Pete Bradley, the former Woodfin police chief found guilty last month on a charge of assaulting his wife before her death... The N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner called her death a suicide brought on by depression and domestic discord...

Tonight I stumbled onto a currently active comment page of folks from around Asheville North Carolina and here's the gist of it:


- Are people not tired of listening to this case?

- No...they are hoping for justice...

- I don't think I will be "tired of hearing this case" until his HOMICIDE trial begins. Does he REALLY think that one is not in the works?

- We want to see justice for the Tinsley family.

- After he is goes to trial for this abuse case, perhaps the investigators will re-open the case of Patsy's death.

- No one in Buncombe County can accept it was a suicide. It would be interesting to see Bradley trying to get out of this charge, since his daddy won't be there.

- I hope a warrant for murder is served before he's done serving his sentence for assault on a female. I hope this queer packs his diaper bag.

- All Patsy's family wants is to have the case re-opened. They do not believe she committed suicide. And I think there are some good officers out in the public that believe she did not either. So perhaps some investigators will check it out and not be separated by the BLUE LINE!
- I hope this jury sees thru his crap.

- I just hope that the courts finds a decent jury. And then I hope the DA, judge and all the other court folks request a trial for Patsy's murder and not the so-called suicide...

- How can the DA place a gag order on a case like this one?

- ...His answer to Patsy's injury - falling and striking her head on a garage part that he could not name. He appeared to be under the influence of Xanax that he accused Patsy of taking!! Say bye bye Bradley. Hope you like wearing the suits because orange is your next color.

- ...May the Tinsley family have their justice....

- Support Patsy Tinsley's family and say a prayer for the family.


Patricia Tinsley Bradley

A little information on Patsy gleaned from two online death notices, with her more private family information removed:

Patricia Tinsley Bradley, 41, of Biltmore Forest, died Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2005.

Born in Asheville, she was a graduate of Asheville High School, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Asheville Citizen Police Academy. She obtained a degree in criminal justice. Patsy recently also successfully completed a pharmaceutical technical program. She was the vice-chairperson of West Asheville Resource Center (WARC) and volunteered for Asheville Police Department where she was recognized for her efforts and received highest praises from the police chief in the volunteer program. Patsy was a supporter for Friends for Animals Network and Care Partners Mountain Area Hospice.

Patsy was a very giving and loving lady who was always willing to help others and did so many times. She loved to make people laugh and smile. She worked Santa Pal many years, worked at West Asheville Police Resource Center and volunteered many other places...

She was and is
dearly loved
by all who know her...