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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

[GA] Cop on cop - Cmdr. Locklear and Deputy Linder

It's in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper that last week shift commander Gwinnett County Sheriff's Lt. Derrick Locklear was arrested at a "domestic dispute" call to the home he shares with Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl, Rose Linder. Both are being charged with obstructing/ hindering police, and the Lt. is also charged with simple assault.

The article doesn't mention Rose Linder getting arrested but does say that she, along with Locklear are "out of jail on bond" and out of work on paid leave.

The parts of the police report discussed in the article only focus on Locklear -- said to be found outside "screaming," swearing, and pacing. An officer drew a taser on him when he picked up a kids bike, he put it down - "lunged" at an officer, and tried to fight off the officers who were putting cuffs him. The article doesn't mention the "domestic" cause of the call - and if you'll notice, at least not yet, the word "domestic" is not included in the charges.

Was Rose hurt? Scared? Equally combative? Threatened? Appearing intoxicated like Locklear? Sober? I don't know because Rose was not the focus of the news.

For some folks GETTING ALCOHOL OUT OF THEIR LIVES works. I have seen that really work - long term... often easier said than done. And I'M NOT SAYING that's the case here with Locklear and Linder. I don't have anyway of knowing what would help. Just sad to see people impacting their lives in such big ways while drinking.

I hope the best for both of them.

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