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Saturday, July 25, 2009

[CO] Olathe Police Officer Michael Percival - sado-masochist "Master", domestic batterer, or both?

Associated Press
Jul 23, 2009
Montrose (AP) - An Olathe police officer accused of beating his ex-girlfriend claims the two had a consensual, sadomasochistic relationship -- and had put it in writing. Michael Percival pleaded not guilty to assault and domestic violence charges in Montrose County court Tuesday. Investigators say the woman showed them contracts detailing expected behavior and punishments. [LINK]

Montrose Daily Press
Jul 24, 2009
[Excerpts] An Olathe Police officer accused of spanking his ex-girlfriend as punishment for her failure to follow “contracts” has asked for a trial. According to Montrose Combined Court records, trial for Michael Percival is set for Sept. 11 in Montrose. A pre-trial conference will be held Sept. 8. In June, Percival was charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence after a former girlfriendalleged to deputies he whipped her 50 times with a belt because she questioned him about a fishing trip. The woman has been charged with third-degree assault, harassment, DUI and phone obstruction in a different case. According to Percival’s arrest affidavit, while the woman was being booked into jail, a female deputy noticed marks on her body, and the woman then disclosed the alleged abuse. Percival is free on bond. He was suspended without pay from the Olathe Police force. Olathe Town Administrator Scott Harold said Percival was slated to have a hearing before the mayor last Tuesday, but did not appear, and the police chief’s decision to suspend Percival without pay was upheld. A previous charge of domestic violence against Percival involving the same woman was dropped in 2007. In that case, the woman pleaded guilty to obstruction of phone services and received probation. [Full article here]

Excerpts from articles from a couple of weeks ago:

Olathe Police Officer Arrested for Domestic Abuse

by Beverly Corbell
Jul 08, 2009
OLATHE – An Olathe police officer, Michael Percival, 44, is facing two counts of domestic violence and two counts of third-degree assault in what appears to be years of physical and mental abuse. An affidavit supporting Percival’s arrest on June 26 claims that for four years, Percival beat his girlfriend, [EC] 42, on a regular basis. The arrest affidavit states that [EC] signed contracts given to her by Percival that dictated her behavior. If she failed to please Percival, he would punish her... The abuse took on even worse proportions, according to the affidavit, in that [EC] was often forced to utter “thank you” each time she was hit... After the last beating, [EC] said she had had enough. She said, according to the affidavit, that the beatings were painful but she allowed them because she loved Percival... [Full article here]

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel
By Paul Shockley Paul.Shockley@gjsentinel.com
Thursday, July 02, 2009
An Olathe police officer was suspended without pay Wednesday after an ex-girlfriend claimed he regularly beat her under the terms of contracts he had with the woman. Michael E. Percival, 44, was arrested June 26 and booked into the Montrose County Jail on suspicion of third-degree assault and domestic violence. Percival is free on $2,500 bond. “I have nothing to say to you, thank you,” Percival said after answering his cell phone on Thursday, before hanging up... According to an arrest affidavit in Percival’s case, [EC] was being booked into the Montrose County Jail on June 18 when deputies notice “large red marks” on her buttocks... She provided copies of documents she said were contracts spelling out expectations for “personal hygiene, general behavior including sexual behavior and clothing,” while specifying punishments if she failed to meet expectations... Spankings, she said, happened about “four times a month for nearly four years,” she said... [Full article here]

[EC]'s Myspace, which shows as not having been logged into since early JUNE - before these recent charges, states that she's a proud mom, bi, likes Harley's and sexy women, and her favorite book is "'O' the book-BDSM."
by Pauline Reage
Product Description
[Excerpts from an Amazon review] "The Story of O is about a young, beautiful Parisian photographer named O who wants nothing more than to be her lover's slave... O goes through harsh punishments, such as being whipped and flogged daily... What is most disturbing about this first part of the book, is not O's harsh punishments that she endures, but the fact that she endures all this debasement willingly.... This is not so much a story about masochism, as it is more a story about love, about how much a woman would sacrifice for it, and the length a woman will go to keep her lover, Rene, happy... O is not a prisoner or slave in the normal term of the word, but rather she is a slave to her love for Rene, as he has made it clear to her that she is free to leave anytime she desires. But she is blinded by her love for him and feels that by enduring the punishment he puts her through, she is becoming closer to him... If she had been unwilling, it would have caused me to sympathize for her but because she was a willing partner in it, I could not seem to find any kind of sympathy for her, except for at the very end which I will not give away here..." [Full review here]
bondage and discipline s&m b&d sado-masochism sadomasochism

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