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Friday, July 24, 2009

[WI] Deputy Mike Stalker arrested twice in one week on domestic crimes

By Gazette Extra
By Kathleen Foody
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
[Excerpts] Janesville - A Rock County sheriff's deputy faces a charge of domestic disorderly conduct after a June 27 arrest at his home. Mike Stalker ... was arrested at his home... An "open line from (the) residence indicated a disturbance"... Chief Deputy Barbara Tillman said Stalker still is employed by the sheriff's office... [Full article here]


By Gazette Extra
Thursday, July 16, 2009
[Excerpts] JANESVILLE - A Rock County sheriff's deputy who faces a charge of domestic disorderly conduct was arrested a second time Monday on a charge of violating a 72-hour no-contact provision. Mike L. Stalker ... is accused of causing a third party to contact his wife within 72 hours of his June 27 arrest on a charge of domestic disorderly conduct... [Full article here]
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  1. There's something rather curious about this case. In Wiscosnin you can look up anyone who has ever been through the court system, and see what the case is..and everything that has happened once charges were issued- It's on the WI. CCAP (google it) - I did a search on his man and nothing came up in regard to the DV arrest, the only that did was on a divorce and a petition for a restraining order that was NOT granted....fishy?

    1. Here's another link.. Same person again this is dismissed. This happened on Jan 9, 2011. Ironically its on the last line and of course dismissed.

      "MICHAEL L. STALKER, 44, of 5320 N. Sable Court, Milton, charge of disorderly conduct dismissed."


  2. Soooooo, he's still a deputy right?

    1. Yeah he's still a deputy with the Rock County Sheriff Dept. and still on patrol, he gave me a ticket a couple weeks ago, he doesn't do real police work, he took a statement from a civilian stating they thought my red lights were on(im a firefighter), they were not, when i met with him to discuss it, he didn't care about my side of the story, i received a ticket for a crime didn't commit.

  3. That's wild but not surprising. The dismissal is no surprise either. I hope everyone is safe.


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