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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[FL] Davie Police Officer Vally Getejanc a no-show for his own trial (no warrant issued) but found "NOT GUILTY"

...The woman watched quietly while the "not guilty" verdict was read... He must return Wednesday for a second trial...

Sun Sentinel
By Susannah Bryan
April 28, 2010
After deliberating for 30 minutes, a jury on Tuesday acquitted a Davie police officer of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on his pregnant fiancee. Officer Vally Getejanc, 26, who was a no-show at his trial Tuesday, was accused of holding a gun to the woman's temple during an argument on Feb. 3, 2009. The two married 19 days later, but have since divorced. Tony Livoti, Getejanc's attorney, argued during the two-day trial that the ex-wife was lying about the gun. In closing arguments Tuesday, prosecutor Jeremy Apisdorf said Getejanc put his police-issued handgun to his fiancee's head and threatened to kill her during a heated argument. She did not report the incident that day because "she was trying to work things out," Apisdorf told the jury. "She didn't call police. She didn't want him to get in trouble. She was thinking about her life and her unborn child. She loved him." The woman watched quietly while the "not guilty" verdict was read. The Sun Sentinel is not identifying the woman at her request... He must return Wednesday for a second trial on a battery charge filed by the same woman... Broward Circuit Judge Geoffrey Cohen said he plans to issue a warrant for the officer's arrest if he skips court again on Wednesday. Livoti told the judge he had not heard from his client on Tuesday... [Full article here]
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  1. He has been fired and been declared a fugitive. Apprently they didn't take his passport from him. He's now in Italy. Wonder how long it will take for them to get him back here.

  2. Wow. Thank you.

    I wonder if that is a relief for his victim or has he become like a phantom? Do they have proof he left?

  3. First of all, one should consider who the real victim is here. This would not be the first time a woman lied about domestic violence. Being that Getejenc is a police officer, many assume his guilt with the stereotypical correlation of law enforcement officers and domestic violence. No one knows what he has been dealing with or the real reason he may have left.

  4. What's the point? His innocence? Really? He's a fugitive.

  5. I am not condoning his obviously irrational behaviour but fleeing does not automatically make one guilty. Perhaps you do not trust in the system after a jury has already decided Getejanc not guilty in the first case. The point is that too many people tend to jump to conclusions and are quick to label and criticise without knowing the truth. Your last comment serves as a perfect example.

  6. No. MY point is that it doesn't matter. He is a fugitive. You are arguing with yourself. I didn't say anything about guilt, innocence, the jury, the victim, the domestic violence, etc.

    He is a fugitive.

    The rest right now is trivia. You care that he is thought of as an INNOCENT fleeing fugitive. I don't care. He needs to be arrested.

    To me and the court you trust, he is an accused criminal with a warrant for his arrest.

  7. Your point is understood, and as stated earlier, I do not condone Getejanc's behaviour. He IS a fugitive! I merely stated a different point. Forgive me, I did not realise doing so was not permitted! I was in err, as I was under the impression that one is innocent until proven guilty. I do not recall saying that I trusted in the court or the system as IT often seems to be arguing with itself. I do not find myself trusting in many of these news articles either, as they are quite inaccurate, even the headline of this last one is questionable. Perhaps to me and this court and the law, this woman should be accused and considered a criminal as well for falsely accusing a police officer of assault and possibly battery as well if he is ever apprehended and found not guilty on the battery charges. Perhaps it is only OK to care about the trivia surrounding HER allegations?

    1. Maybe we should arrest the women in his prior relationships who were beaten, abused and had to have restraining orders against this freak with a badge. Oh silly me, those relationships couldnt be brought up in this trial.


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