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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"I am a detention officer. I am not a baby sitter."

Gleaned from a forum discussion:

I am a detention officer. I am not a baby sitter. I am college educated. I am intelligent and I picked this career because it’s what I wanted to do. I am not sure if you insult me to make yourself feel better or you simply are so ignorant that you don’t know my job. 

My job is different than yours but it is just as important. My job is different but we are just as close, we are just as smart, and we are just as vital to the community as you are. 

When I first started working at the jail I worked booking. I was told that “sworn officers” would treat me like crap because I am only a “jailer”. Fortunately I put no stock in your opinion of me or my job. I do a good job, I earn an honest living and I am proud of my job. So every time I had a self centered, arrogant **** like yourself come through and talk down to me I remind myself that your insecurity in yourself causes you to put me down, in order to feel better about yourself. I returned your arrogance with professionalism because I refuse to stoop to your level of unprofessionalism. 

There were many “sworn deputies” that were courteous and respectful to me. It is safe to assume that either their mother raised them to respect others / have manners or they were secure enough in themselves that they felt no need to down others for their choice of careers. I will continue to treat each of you “sworn deputies” with professionalism and courtesy because that is who I am. So the next time you insult a “jailer” remember that. 

Also for the record I am a combat veteran that earned a combat patch. Does that make me better than you if you have not earned this same patch, or deployed to Iraq? Nope. Different doesn’t mean better or worse ~ it simply means different. Maybe one day you will grow up and realize this, maybe you will continue down your self centered, arrogant, ignorant path in life. Either way it makes no difference to me because I am who I am regardless of your opinion of me or my job. I hope one day you find the security in life that I have accomplished years ago.

(P.S. AND I am a “girl jailer”~ lol)  Be safe & my prayers remain with each of you daily as you patrol the streets.

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  1. Good Article!! I am female corrections officer and a female. As a sgt. I was treated like dirt. It got so bad I almost had a heart attack. This was from the higher ups in the jail. The police officers do look down on us. But in my heart our job is harder as we are with these people looked inside a small area for several hours.


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