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Monday, March 28, 2011

[TN] Wilson Co. Sheriff's Lt. Edwards' suspended for domestic, charged with thefts

...The Wilson County Sheriff's Department said Thursday that [Wilson County sheriff's deputy, Lt. John] Edwards has been suspended without pay after a domestic incident between him and his wife... Edwards took items from his wife's home and gave them to his girlfriend, and vice versa... He is also a co-owner of Bidmor Auction House in Mount Juliet...


Mar 25, 2011
A Wilson County sheriff's lieutenant has been suspended after being charged with theft. Lieutenant John Edwards is charged with theft over $10,000. An investigation began after an ex-girlfriend of Edwards filed a complaint with the TBI saying he'd stolen jewelry, guns, and a 4-wheeler from her home. During a search of the home, authorities found the items, and recovered them. Edwards was put on administrative leave. He is free on bond. [LINK]

ITEMS TRADED BETWEEN DEPUTY'S GIRLFRIEND, WIFE: John Edwards' Girlfriend Saw Her Property In Couple's House
Reported by Caroline Moses
March 24, 2011
[Excerpts] A Wilson County sheriff's deputy is facing theft charges after the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation arrested him Thursday on charges of taking more than $10,000 worth of goods... [TBI spokeswoman Kristen] Helm said Edwards took items from his wife's home and gave them to his girlfriend, and vice versa. She said there was no indication items had been stolen from other places. The Wilson County Sheriff's Department said Thursday that Edwards has been suspended without pay after a domestic incident between him and his wife... Edwards presides over the narcotics division for the Wilson County sheriff. He is also a co-owner of Bidmor Auction House in Mount Juliet. [Full article here]
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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. OOPS. I posted your comment when I had almost read it all the way through - but then your last words show that you are a cop-hater so I had to delete it.

    No cop haters allowed, but I'm sure you can find other places to post that kind of thing.

  3. Ok, first off u have it all wrong I have known John his whole life he didn't steal anything, but he did admit to cheating on his wife but he did not give any sign of domestic violence. Another thing, all y'all are hearing is the stupid news reportors news not the truth.

  4. FBI: WILSON OFFICER TRIED TO SELL INFORMATION: He wanted SUV, $100,000 to help drug probe target
    The Tennessean
    Written by Brandon Gee
    11:35 PM, Apr. 19, 2011
    [Excerpts] Federal authorities arrested a Wilson County police officer they say tried to sell information about a federal drug investigation to a target of that investigation in exchange for $100,000 and a Range Rover. Wilson County Sheriff’s Department Deputy John Patrick Edwards, 38, of Mt. Juliet, was familiar with the federal drug investigation because he had been a member of the FBI’s regional drug task force and was working with the federal authorities on the case. But in March, Edwards got into trouble when he was arrested on an unrelated theft charge involving his wife and another woman. After that arrest, he lost his job on the task force and was suspended without pay from the sheriff’s department, officials say. Without those jobs, the 15-year-veteran of the sheriff’s department was hurting for money... That’s when he approached a business partner that he knew had a friend who knew a target of the drug investigation. Edwards told the business partner he would sell information about the investigation in exchange for $100,000. He allegedly offered to hand over the identities of lead investigators, the name of a “snitch” assisting investigators and information obtained during the course of a federal wiretap that could help the target “lessen the blow” and spend less time in prison than others in the case. Edwards is charged with one count of attempting to obstruct, influence and impede any official proceeding. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years and a maximum fine of $250,000. “I didn’t do it,” a shackled Edwards said to a reporter Tuesday afternoon as he left an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge E. Clifton Knowles. Federal documents tell a different story... [Full article here] [Full article here]

  5. Used to work for the Wilson County Sheriff Dept. Marlowe wasnt the only one beating people!

  6. Was this former cop working in the police department of Holly Bobo's home town? Not accusing him of taking her or anything. Just wondering.

  7. No its not and yall are full of crap you have it all wrong and Marloe wasnt the only one beating people!

  8. when a guy is that cocky you know hes up to something lol

  9. You people make judgements on intial reports and complaints from a women scorned. I don't know this deputy and there is a possibility he is guilty. But your ideas and presumptions are whats wrong with this world. And to the anon who says he wasn't the only one beating people. If you know of this and haven't done your part to stop this you are just as guilty. And yes I am a cop.

  10. Whats any of this have to do with a women scorned? My it seems this goes above and beyond anyone being scorned!

  11. Wow! Anonymous who is a cop, referring to people making presumptions, and passing judgement, you seem to have a little bit to add with whats wrong with this world. How do you presume a woman is scorned? Maybe just scared for their life. You too do not need to pass judgement. And for people that seem to know others are involved with criminal activity in law enforcement, do you think by not doing anything about it they will straighten up?

  12. Is this an isolated case of alleged wrong doing within the Law Enforcement Environment of Wilson County? Or is there a larger underlying problem brewing that newcomers should be aware of?

    1. I am just gonna flat out say it wilson county drug and narcotics team is doing some dirty work. I am just about positie about it. I meann not all of them but the ones closests to Edwards are.

    2. Amen,and isn't it amazing not one other person besides his auction partner Rodney Settles has been arrested. Everyone else working with their tails between their legs!

    3. Yes! All his accomplices besides Rod are still running free as can be.

    4. And no one is doing a durn thing ahout it.

    5. You got that right.

  13. Edwards hearing is February 25,2013 Wilson County


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